NOW Is the Time to Book Park Pass Reservations for EPCOT’s 40th Anniversary

If you’re hoping to go to EPCOT for the park’s 40th Anniversary, listen up!

Spaceship Earth

To get into the Disney parks you’ll need a valid ticket, but you’ll also need a Park Pass Reservation for the parks you want to visit. For now, it seems like Park Pass reservations could be sticking around for a while, so they’re something you’ll have to account for (love the system or not). Disney has noted that they have been seeing demand in excess of the available Park Passes, and we have noticed certain days filling up, but right now might be a great time to grab those Park Pass reservations for the rest of the year if you haven’t already.

A little while ago, the October 2022 Park Pass calendar looked like this, with quite a few days in yellow, meaning certain parks were already FULL on those days.


Gradually, we’ve seen the Park Passes replenished on some of those days, so we wanted to share an update. As of the writing of this post, nearly ALL days in October are now fully available for those with Theme Park Tickets…


…and guests at select resort hotels.


As of this moment, only Disney’s Hollywood Studios has filled up for these guests on October 10th.

When it comes to Annual Passholders, things are also pretty open for all days in October, except for those that have certain dates blocked out from their pass.


Why is this a big deal? Well, at one point in August, the Park Passes for Magic Kingdom on Halloween had sold out for certain guests. That’s no longer the case. So if you planned your trip back when things were filling up, you may now be able to modify your Park Passes and book the reservations you really wanted that were full at the time.

Halloween in Disney World

Another reason why this is important is because EPCOT’s 40th Anniversary falls on October 1st of this year. Park Passes for EPCOT on this date are still available at the moment, but they might not be available for long.

Disney hasn’t yet made any official announcements about EPCOT’s 40th, but EPCOT fans will likely want to be in the park on that day in case any special things take place. And if Disney does announce some exciting events for EPCOT 40th anniversary (perhaps an announcement could be coming at D23 Expo?), Park Passes for EPCOT for October 1st could fill up FAST.

Time to Visit EPCOT!

On EPCOT’s 35th Anniversary, we saw specialty buttons released…


…unique merchandise…

EPCOT 35 Merchandise

…a festive map…


…and even some festivities with Cast Members, Disney characters, and more.


Again, Disney has not yet confirmed what may take place for EPCOT’s 40th anniversary, but if the 35th anniversary is any indication, then we could have quite a few fun treats and more in store.

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The Park Pass calendar is also looking very open for September, November, and December of 2022 at the moment. Again, that could change significantly in the future as we get closer to Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve.

If you’re planning a trip to Disney World during any of these busy time periods, NOW is the time to make that Park Pass reservation before things start to fill up.


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