New Dark Mark & Death Eater Merchandise Arrives in Universal Studios Hollywood

With Halloween around the corner and Halloween Horror Nights in full swing, people are getting ready to celebrate the spooky season. And in the spirit of the season, we found a new Harry Potter merchandise collection at Universal Studios Hollywood, this one surrounding the Death Eaters and the Dark Mark.

Death Eater Mask – $30

Death Eater Mask 6

While not a full face mask like the Death Eaters wear in the Harry Potter films, this one is a pretty close rendition. This version of a Death Eater mask is sure to be a great pick for any Slytherin fans trying to get their costumes together.

Death Eater Mask

This Death Eater mask has intricate details around the facial structure. These detailed lines are at the top of the forehead, as well as around the eye sockets and the nose.

Death Eater Mask 2

Just like He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, this mask has no nose! It is also missing a front tooth.

Death Eater Mask 4

The back of the mask features straps to make sure the mask stays on the wearers’ head.

Dark Mark Metal Keychain – $15

Dark Mark Metal Keychain

This keychain has the Dark Mark on full display. It shows the infamous Dark Mark, a snake coming out of the mouth of a skull.

Dark Mark Metal Keychain 2

Above the “Dark Mark” itself are two other charms.

Dark Mark Metal Keychain 3

The cylindrical charm reads “The Dark Mark” on a black background. The circular charm reads “Morsmordre”, which is the spell the Death Eaters cast in order to conjure up the Dark Mark. It is on a green background and also has an arrow on it.

Dark Mark Metal Keychain 5

The back of the keychain is plain metal, no details to be seen here.

Dark Mark Tassel Keychain – $26

Dark Mark Tassel Keychain

This faux leather tassel might seem plain, but don’t let your eyes deceive you! There’s a Dark Mark charm to the left of the tassel.

Dark Mark Tassel Keychain 2

As well as the Dark Mark charm, there is a smaller one to the right of the tassel. It is a small circular charm that reads “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Universal Studios”.

Dark Mark Tassel Keychain 3

The back of the charms are both plain metal, no extra decoration to them.

Dark Mark Leather Keychain – $15

Dark Mark Leather Keychain

This black faux leather keychain also features the Dark Mark.

Dark Mark Leather Keychain 2

The back of the keychain is plain black with a diagonal pattern in the leather. There is also a metal piece at the top that reads “Morsmordre”, featuring the same arrow pattern again.

Dark Mark Leather Keychain 3

The front of the keychain also reads “Morsmordre” above the Dark Mark. The Dark Mark itself is white with green accents surrounding it. Below the mark itself reads “The Dark Mark”.

Dark Mark Pin – $9

Dark Mark Pin

This enamel pin, similar in design to the Dark Mark metal keychain above, features the Dark Mark with green tendrils coming out of the snake’s mouth.

Dark Mark Braided Leather Keychain – $20

Dark Mark Braided Leather Keychain

This black braided faux leather keychain features various charms surrounding the Dark Mark.

Dark Mark Braided Leather Keychain 2

Of course you have the Dark Mark itself, but then there is also the spell on a rectangular charm to its right, “Morsmordre”. There is also a full Death Eater mask charm to the left of the Dark Mark charm.

Dark Mark Braided Leather Keychain 3

At the top of the keychain, there is also a small circular metal piece that reads “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Universal Studios”.

Dark Mark Crossbody Bag – $45

Dark Mark Crossbody

This crossbody bag is made of faux leather and features various Dark Mark symbols. The back bag has the Dark Mark as the clasp that opens up the bag. At the bottom of the bag, it reads “Morsmordre”.

Dark Mark Crossbody 3

The sides of the bag are plain. This side features the two rings where the crossbody strap clips to the bag.

Dark Mark Crossbody 4

The back of the bag is lacking in detail, just plain black.

Dark Mark Crossbody 6

The bottom of the bag is also plain faux leather with no details.

Dark Mark Wallet – $28

Dark Mark Wallet

The Dark Mark wallet is also black faux leather, like the crossbody bag above. The wallet comes with a chain.

Dark Mark Wallet 2

The wallet features an embossed Dark Mark as well as “Morsmordre” embossed in the bottom right corner.

Dark Mark Wallet 3

Both sides of the wallet feature the spell name and the Dark Mark embossing.

Dark Mark Wallet 4

The inside of the wallet is very spacious, with three card slots on the left and right sides, and a clear space to put your ID in the middle.

Dark Mark ID Hanger – $14

Dark Mark ID Hanger

This retractable ID Hanger is similar in nature to the items prior on this list.

Dark Mark ID Hanger 2

The Dark Mark is front and center on the black faux leather. It features green accents around the sides of the mark. “Morsmordre” is seen on top while “The Dark Mark” can be read at the bottom.

Dark Mark ID Hanger 3

The retractable piece of the ID hanger features the same arrow pattern that can be seen on the metal keychain. This arrow indicates the direction in which the snake curves out of the skull.

Dark Mark ID Hanger 4

The back of the hanger features a clear spot to place your ID, for easy viewing access.

Cauldron Mug – $21

Cauldron Mug

This simple, black mug is the only item that is not overtly Death Eater/Dark Mark merchandise.

Cauldron Mug 2

The cauldron mug is also plain black on the inside.

Cauldron Mug 3

The sides feature extra little details where the handles are attached.

Cauldron Mug 4

The bottom of the mug still reads “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter”, so you don’t forget where it came from.

Cauldron Mug 5

The mug has two handles, which is a nice little touch.

Dark Mark Mug – $25

Dark Mark Mug 1 1

The front of the mug features the Dark Mark in white, with green tendrils coming out of the snake’s mouth. The black background of the mug helps the mark stand out.

Dark Mark Mug 5 1

The inside of the mug has a snakeskin pattern around the rim.

Dark Mark Mug 4 1

The back of the mug features the arrow in the snake’s pattern again. Around the base of the mug reads “Morsmordre”.

Dark Mark Coaster – $12

Dark Mark Coaster

This white, porous coaster features the Dark Mark in black and green. The white background he’s the mark stand out.

Dark Mark Coaster 2

The base of the coaster is cork. The bottom of the coaster reads “The Dark Mark”.

Which item do you need to add to your Harry Potter collection? Let us know in the comments below!

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