Disney’s Popping Candy and Ghost Pepper CHURROS Shocked Us!

Happy Halloween, folks!

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We know what you’re thinking, “but it’s only the beginning of September?!” And, you’re totally right. But, if you’ve been checking out what’s going on in the Disney parks at all, you’ll know that Halloween celebrations have been going on for a while! Over at Disneyland Resort, tonight is the very first Oogie Boogie Bash of 2022, and we’re here checking out all of the festivities. So, come along with us as we try out two NEW spooky churros!

We’ve already tried out a TON of Halloween and fall eats and treats at Disneyland, but there are some items that you can ONLY get at Oogie Boogie Bash over in Disney California Adventure park. This includes the next two treats we’re going to try — the Pain and Panic Churros!

These churros are themed after Pain and Panic from Disney’s Hercules, and their colors even match the characters!

They very rarely will appear in the parks!

The Pain Churro is a strawberry-flavored churro with hints of Ghost Pepper and the Panic Churro is a raspberry-flavored churro with popping candies. You can grab the Pain Churro over at Señor Buzz Churros, while the Panic Churro was at the Paradise Gardens Park Churro Cart (near Goofy’s Sky School). Both churros are $5.75.

So, whose churro is going to taste better, Pain or Panic? Let’s find out! The Panic Churro is kinda just a plain churro. The raspberry flavor was extremely subtle; however, the popping candies were strong. They didn’t hit us immediately, but the popping was wild once it set in. Overall, if you don’t like super sweet churros, then this may be a good option for you! (As long as you don’t mind some popping action with your churro, that is.)

Panic Churro

Now, onto the Pain Churro. A churro with Ghost Pepper?! Before you count this one out, consider Hot Tamales. Spicy sweets aren’t that weird when you think about it! And that’s exactly what this was — it started off sweet and got hot. Like…our reporter’s tongue was starting to throb from the spicy kick. The strawberry seemed to be missing, as it wasn’t a noticeable flavor. (Of course, it could’ve just been overpowered by the Ghost Peppers.) With all of that said, we actually were pleasantly surprised and enjoyed this treat!  But we’ll warn ya — you’ll need to be a fan of spicy foods to eat this one!

Here It Is!

Our winner is…the Pain Churro! We know that may be a controversial opinion, since it’s so spicy, but we really enjoyed it! Try it for yourself if you’re down for some heat. For more fun snacks we’ve tried at Disneyland for spooky season, check out the Ghost Pepper Nachos, the Monster Halloween Cake, the Pumpkin Pie Dip, and the Pistachio-Cherry Churros!

And, to find out more about Oogie Boogie Bash, you can take a look at 3 unique characters appearing at the party along with  the NEW Oogie Boogie Bash Villains that will be at the event!

Oogie Boogie Bash

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