Come Try the NEW Frozen Mojito in Disney World With Us

It’s been busy in Disney World lately, but that just means there are a LOT of things to do!

Hispanic Latinx Heritage Month

We’ve been celebrating Halloween and enjoying EPCOT’s Food and Wine Festival, but another celebration has just begun. It’s Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month! Disney released a HUGE list of food that’s available for the celebration, including a bunch of new items. So, come along with us as we try out a NEW DRINK for the festivities.

We’re trying the new Frozen Mojito from Backlot Express in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Backlot Express is a quick service restaurant that does offer Mobile Order so that you can skip the line when ordering your food, but we didn’t see the Frozen Mojito on the Mobile Order menu when we visited. Today is the first day that this drink is being offered, so it may appear on there later on!

Backlot Express

The Frozen Mojito is made with Bacardí Superior Rum, Lime Juice, and Mint Mojito flavor. You can get it for $14.

Frozen Mojito from Backlot Express

We thought it had a great citrus flavor, and the mint was much more subtle. We enjoyed the focus on the citrus and thought there was just enough mint to add a pop of freshness, but if you’re a big mint fan then you may be disappointed.

Heavy on the citrus

Because it’s a frozen drink with bright flavors, this was super refreshing! It’d be a great choice for a warm day at Hollywood Studios.

It’s super refreshing!

If you really dislike citrus or specifically lime, this is definitely not the drink for you. But if you enjoy mojitos normally or even just want a tasty drink to cool you off, we’d recommend this one for sure.

Great choice for a warm day

If you want to try this drink out for yourself, you can get it from now through October 15th. And, if you’re looking for some food at Backlot Express to go with that drink, you can try out things like the Cuban Sandwich, which has classically-pressed roasted pulled pork, sliced ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard and is served with plantain chips (it’s also on the permanent menu!).

Cuban Sandwich at Backlot Express

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