CNBC Reporter Accidentally Referred to Bob Chapek as “Bob Paycheck”

Last Thursday on CNBC, the host of “Squawk On The Street” accidentally let “Bob Paycheck” slip while meaning to say Bob Chapek.

Of course, the host corrected himself after that little slip-up, but social media quickly let everyone know what happened. Many Disney fans refer to the CEO as Bob Paycheck due to some of the decisions he has made. I’m sure he knows that nickname, but I assume he isn’t the biggest fan of it.

It’s funny how that nickname has made its way to Television when it has been mainly used on social media platforms like Twitter. I’m sure Disney fans watching probably got a laugh out of the comment, whether it was intentional or not.

I have an important question for all of you. Do you think the fans will ever start to accept Bob Chapek? Do you think Bob Chapek will begin making better decisions regarding the Theme Parks? Or do you think we are doomed? Let us know in the comments.