Yes. We PAID to Eat Our Straw at Disneyland.

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If you’re looking for an interesting treat, you’ll find plenty around Disney World and Disneyland Resort.


Just recently, we’ve bitten into Mickey head-shaped snacks, lightsabers, treats inspired by a bird, and edible straws. Yes, you read that right. Edible straws! We’ll show you exactly where you can find these yummy straws, and how to get some outside of the parks.

Over at Disneyland, we noticed a new offering at Candy Palace on Main Street, U.S.A. — Edible straws! You can choose from 3 flavors: Strawberry, Lemon, or Lime. It costs $1 to add an Edible Straw to your drink.

Edible Straws at Candy Palace

Our friend at Dining in Disney, Heather Sievers, grabbed a Goofy Glacier Slush with a Lemon Edible Straw! It didn’t get mushy like normal paper straws, and was a fun upgrade to the slushy.


And, if you’re not visiting Disneyland anytime soon — don’t worry! You can grab these Sorbos Lemon Edible Straws on Amazon for $41.99. This is the brand of Edible Straws that Disney uses.

Lemon Edible Straws

The pack comes with 200 straws, so you’ll have plenty of chances to experiment with this drink upgrade. And, just like Disneyland, you can also grab Strawberry and Lime flavored straws as well!

Order the Sorbos Lemon Edible Straws Online HERE!

So head over to Disneyland or Amazon to try out these Edible Straws! And for more Disneyland fun, check out the photo-ops at the resort. Or, if you’re a Magic Key Holder, be sure to take advantage of this major discount!

And, as always, stay tuned to DFB for the latest Disney news!

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