We Promise No Dalmations Were Harmed in the Making of These NEW Disney Bags

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Cruella isn’t the only one who loves dalmatian print. But don’t worry, these stylish black and white bags are completely cruelty-free!

What’s more classic that 101 Dalmatians?

Kate Spade’s newest Disney line features characters from that beloved classic, 101 Dalmatians! And if you’re a villain fan, you’re in luck- along with the lovable pooches, Cruella has a few designs of her own!

Wallets, backpacks, and handbags galore! Which of these styles is your favorite?

Medium Flap 101 Dalmatians Backpack

Mini backpacks have become increasingly popular to bring to Disney and use as a park bag. It’s a convenient size that is just big enough to hold all of your necessities without being too bulky. If you’re looking to grow your collection, this 101 Dalmatians backpack would make an excellent addition!

Medium Flap 101 Dalmatians Backpack

This backpack is covered in those quintessential dalmatian spots, with Lucky letting out a cute puppy howl! The black flap and straps create a nice contrast, while Lucky’s red collar brings in a nice pop of color. Inside the bag you’ll find two pockets, one zippered and one open, and the top flap closes with a magnetic snap as well as a drawstring closure. Wear this on its own or go all out with a bunch of 101 Dalmatians accessories the next time you go to Disney!

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Small Dalmatians Tote Bag

A classic tote bag never goes out of style, especially when it’s in black and white! You can carry this tote with any outfit thanks to the minimalistic design. This tote bag is made of leather and is unlined, with no interior or exterior pockets.

Small Dalmatians Tote Bag

The reason it doesn’t have a lining or interior pockets is because … it’s reversible! The main design is a solid black bag with one of the pups in a playful bow for those more relaxed days, and the other is a full on dalmatian print for when you’re feeling more outgoing. It’s basically like getting two bags in one!

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Cruella Crossbody Bag

Fashion icon Cruella de Vil gets her time in the spotlight on this crossbody bag. Another great option for travel, a crossbody bag lets you go hands free so you can focus on the important things (like eating your park snacks!). This bag is in a gorgeous red leather with elegant gold hardware.

Cruella Crossbody Bag

The top zipper opens to reveal a matching lining as well as a slip pocket. We love how structured this bag is- it’s giving us retro 1960s vibes. We think that Cruella would definitely approve!

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Large Continental 101 Dalmatians Wallet

Okay, how adorable is this? Three of the puppies are running along the front of this black leather wallet. If you’re a wallet maximalist, this is the one for you!

Large Continental 101 Dalmatians Wallet

This wallet is fully zippered and features all gold hardware. Inside you’ll find a TON of space for all of your cards, bills, receipts, and anything else you need to keep handy. There are over ten card slots as well as an interior zippered pocket for loose change or other small items. If you’re thinking of getting one of the 101 Dalmatians purses, you’ll just have to get the matching wallet!

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Paw Print Mini Pendant Necklace

Kate Spade has more than bags and wallets– they have cute jewelry as well! Usually with their collabs they create some matching jewelry, and this time is no exception. For the 101 Dalmatians line, they have created some absolutely darling pieces, with the paw prints being our favorite.

Paw Print Mini Pendant Necklace

Each paw is made of a black heart stone with sparkling white crystals surrounding it. This delicate pendant is part of the line, which also includes two different styles of earrings. Buy all three to mix and match, or wear each on their own for an understated look. 

Click here to buy the Paw Print Mini Pendant Necklace!

Short Sleeve PJ Set

We are definitely buying this PJ set for our next stay at All Star Movies! You can match the iconic 101 Dalmatians decor at the resort with this super cute dalmatian print pajama set. The shorts and short-sleeves are also perfect for the summer. Forget the cats, these are the dog’s pajamas!

Short Sleeve PJ Set

Black piping gives the appearance of cuffs on the sleeves and hem of this vintage-style set, which also features black buttons, an open lapel, and an upper pocket on the top. This set also includes a matching sleeping mask, which is perfect for blocking out the sun on those days you really need to get a couple more minutes in bed.

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We just can’t wait to show off our new spots! Planning on taking your new 101 Dalmatians merch to Disney? Don’t forget to research so you pick the best resort for your trip!

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