We Cruised the Disney Wish. Here are 6 Things We’re Definitely Packing Next Time.

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Disney’s newest megaship, the Wish, was even more spectacular than we anticipated it to be! If you haven’t checked it out already, you can get all the deets about our experience and the ship here.

How cool is this deck?

From the delectable dining options to the enjoyable entertainment, we had a blast on this cruise. However, even though it wasn’t our first cruise, there are still some things we wish (get it?) we had brought with us onto the ship.

We are sharing those items with you so you’re fully prepared, whether you’re planning on cruising with Disney or any other line!

A loyalty card or gift card

Many rooms on Disney cruise ships have lights that are activated by inserting your room key into a special box on the wall. As you can imagine, this could easily cause some issues if you forget to remove it before leaving your room!

Disney Wish stateroom

To avoid any mishaps we recommend bringing either an old membership card, used gift card, or other similar card and designating it the “light card”. That way you can still operate the lights without worrying about getting locked out (we may or may not have learned this the hard way). 

Tour the Disney Wish with us!

A Water Bottle

Cruise ships often have water stations where you can refill your water cup or bottle. Bringing a refillable water bottle will keep you hydrated and can save you money- your dining plan can include drinks like soda, coffee, and tea, but bottled water can cost extra.

NewFad Sports Water Bottle

For those who tend to be pretty active on their cruises it’s important to stay hydrated. Plus, on a hot day nothing beats the heat like a sip of cold water! Try a water bottle with a strap for easy carrying as you’re walking around to check out all your ship has to offer.

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A Costume or Themed Clothing

On our first night on the cruise, we got to hang out with Mickey, Minnie, and Capt. Redd and rock out with them on the deck at the Pirate’s Rockin’ Parlay Party! Passengers are encouraged to dress up, so we recommend packing a costume or some themed accessories for your cruise. Check out your cruise itinerary ahead of time for info on any special parties or events.

Pirate hats and eye patches

Several of the restaurants on the Wish are themed as well, like Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure which is basically like dinner and a show and takes place in Arendelle castle’s Grand Ballroom. You could really immerse yourself in the storyline by wearing a Frozen-inspired outfit! If you’re sailing on the Wish and plan on attending the pirate deck party, we’ve linked some perfectly seaworthy accessories so you’ll fit in with all the scallywags!

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A Large Suitcase

Many cruise ships have shops on board so you can get in some retail therapy while on vacation. The Wish has an entire shopping district with five different venues featuring a variety of merchandise. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or plan on bringing back souvenirs for friends and family at home, the items can stack up quickly!

Samsonite Winfield 28 Inch Suitcase in Ice Blue

You can prepare ahead of time by bringing a large suitcase and leaving some room inside when packing to accommodate your on board purchases. When it’s time to disembark you’ll only have to worry about your original luggage and won’t have to juggle tons of bags and boxes!

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Extra Hangers

Storage space on a cruise is sparse. If your room has a closet, there is probably more railing space than hangers. Take advantage of the available real estate in your closet by bringing extra hangers. You can then store more clothes in the closet or hang up any items that are too long or bulky to fit in the dresser drawers.

Amazon Basics Slim Non-Slip Hangers

Doing this will also help keep your clothes from getting wrinkled while on board (and if they do get wrinkled and you’re in a pinch, here’s a tip: Hang your wrinkled item in the bathroom while taking a hot shower with the door closed. The steam will release wrinkles!). We recommend these hangers because they are super lightweight and slim and won’t take up much room in your luggage, and the velvet material holds your clothes on the arms.

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Hanging Toiletry Bag

While on the topic of space, your bathroom on a cruise ship is most likely going to be tight, and you won’t have a ton of counter space to set out all of your products on. Instead of keeping them packed or creating a mess in the bathroom with bottles falling everywhere, use a toiletries case that unfolds and hangs up.

Bosidu Hanging Toiletry Bag

It can be hung from a towel rack or bathrobe hook and it will give you easy access to all of your bathroom necessities! This case also doubles as storage and organization. All you have to do is pack your items, then unroll and hang up at your destination. Easy peasy! We’re really feeling this one for its nautical style, which we think is perfect for your next cruise.

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The key to being comfortable in your Disney Cruise cabin is to employ space-saving tricks like this one. We’ve got several more ideas for you here!

Are you interested in sailing on the Wish? Check out our video where we spill ALL the secrets!

What packing hacks do you use when you cruise? Share them in the comments!

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