The Disney Snack That’ll Have You Saying “MORE, Please!”

Disneyland has done it AGAIN. 😮

Marceline’s Confectionery

If you recall, it wasn’t that long ago that we tried a Blueberry Hand Pie at Trolley Treats in Disneyland — and it was pretty great! Well, there’s ANOTHER hand pie now available at Disneyland, this time at Marceline’s Confectionery in Downtown Disney, and we have to say we’re really liking this hand pie trend!

Meet the Guava Hand Pie. It’s a Shortbread Pop-Tart-like snack with frosting and a guava filling. Just like the blueberry hand pie, this one had a flaky and buttery crust that’s just DELICIOUS.

Guava Hand Pie

We also loved the filling in this one. Much like the blueberry hand pie, it tastes like REAL fruit and not just something artificially flavored to taste like fruit. It’s sweet — but not TOO sweet.

Buttery Crust!

Our only real complaint is that we thought this one had a little less filling than the blueberry one we tried. We want MORE filling (and MORE of this hand pie in general ’cause it’s just so tasty).

Guava Hand Pie

We’ve really enjoyed both hand pies we’ve tried so far. You can grab this one for $5.59. Of course, you’ll need to love guava to appreciate the flavor inside this baby, but if that’s not your thing, you may want to check out the blueberry one.

Blueberry Hand Pie

Looking for another fun snack in Disneyland? You can now get edible straws in Disneyland! Yes, a straw that is both a straw and a snack! GENIUS.

If you’re heading to Disneyland for the holidays, we just got a heads up on EVERYTHING coming to the resort from November 11th through January 8th! Stay tuned for more news.

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