The Disney Merch Drop You Didn’t Expect!

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One of our favorite phone case brands dropped a new Disney collection, and we are buzzing with excitement!


Toy Story now has a whole line of phone cases and electronics accessories on Casetify. Characters from all four Toy Story movies will be featured on phone cases, AirPod cases, watch bands, and more!

It’s hard to pick out our favorites, but here are some designs that caught our eye!

Sticker Mania Case

This clear case is giving us nostalgia vibes with this sticker design- it looks just like our folders and notebooks from school when we could get a new pack of stickers and completely cover them! Woody, Buzz, and plenty of other favorites are all jumbled together around the Toy Story logo.

Sticker Mania Case

Having a clear case means your phone color will still show through, which can give a variety of cool effects when paired with the design of the case. Along with the characters, this case is also peppered with other sticker-like images that give this case a child-like and whimsical feel.

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Andy’s Wallpaper 3D Case

More of a fan of simplistic designs? You can still show your love for Toy Story with this understated case. Andy’s iconic wallpaper takes center stage on this phone case, but there’s more than meets the eye! Instead of printing the wallpaper, the clouds are raised in this design for a unique look (and feel!).

Andy’s Wallpaper 3D Case

The bottom of this case is punctuated with the Toy Story logo. You can get this design for both Apple and Samsung phones in a variety of models. While the sky might be the limit, you don’t need to worry about your phone falling from great heights with this case, because it offers drop protection with its construction and rounded edge bumpers.

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Buzz Lightyear Case

The famous space ranger (who just had his first solo movie premier this year!) is looking confident on this case. Buzz proudly stands in front of a purple background in this opaque design. 

Buzz Lightyear Phone Case

With this case you can choose what level of protection you prefer- just keep in mind the stronger the case the heavier it will be. They also have a compostable case made of bamboo fiber! With this case you can travel to infinity and beyond with Buzz in your pocket! Are you more of a Woody fan? Don’t worry, he has his own case too! 

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Lotso AirPods Case

Casetify makes cases for more than just phones– check out this super sweet AirPods case! Lotso’s face smiles at you from this transparent pink case, and of course they had to include a strawberry for this strawberry-scented bear! This listing is for the AirPods Pro, but if you have the 2nd Generation AirPods you can also get a case for those.

Lotso AirPods Case

The semi-transparent case is giving us gummy vibes and definitely fits the cute Toy Story theme! Along with your protective case, this also comes with a plastic loop and clip. Easily attach your case to your bag, lanyard, or any other secure strap and you won’t have to worry about losing it!

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Forky AirTag Holder

What’s the use of an AirTag if you can’t find it? Do they make AirTags for AirTags? While we ponder that question, you can keep your AirTags secure with one of Casetify’s holders! The attached clip can come in handy, especially if you mainly use your AirTag to track your keys. Just clip it on and you’re good to go!

Forky AirTag Holder

We also like using AirTag cases to easily identify them. This one features Forky, the best character to come out of a craft project! Forky will protect your AirTag and help you keep track, and if you need more cases check out other designs

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Woody Apple Watch Band

Howdy, partner! Woody is here to keep your watch saddled up and on your wrist no matter what you’re doing. This band features the sheriff on one side and the Toy Story logo on the other. You can also pick your attachment color so it matches perfectly with your watch face.

Woody Apple Watch Band

This band is made of high quality leather with detailed stitching along the edges. It’s printed with Woody’s iconic plaid shirt print that is recognizable anywhere! The buckle and loop are black, a nice and contrasting color to the bright golden tone of the band. Pop this band on and channel our favorite cowboy!

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This is only the top of the toy box! Check out Casetify’s whole Toy Story collection here!

And stay tuned to DFB for a heads up on all the Disney merch drops!