The BEST Snacks to Carry in Your Disney World Park Bag (And What to Avoid)

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 There are tons of snacks you can buy in Disney World — but what if you prefer to bring your own?

Mickey Pretzel!

Bringing your own snacks can be a convenient way to keep your energy up during a busy day in the parks, but there are definitely some WRONG snack choices to avoid throwing in your park bag. Here are the BEST and the WORST snacks you can bring to Disney World!

Best Snacks


One of the DFB team’s favorite snacks to bring to Disney World are Uncrustables! You can actually purchase them in the parks at several locations but why not just bring them yourself to save some cash? On a hot summer day, you can bring a totally frozen Uncrustable and it’s practically a guarantee that it will defrost by lunchtime. You can get this Box of 15 Peanut Butter & Grape Jelly Uncrustables for $13.99 from Target. That’s a lot of Uncrustables!


If you prefer strawberry to grape and don’t want to invest in 15 sandwiches, you can get this Box of 4 Peanut Butter & Strawberry Jam Uncrustables for $4.19 from Target.


There are also low sugar versions of these sandwiches if you prefer, but either way they make a quick and easy on the go meal! You can’t order these delivery but you can get them via Target Drive Up — you don’t even have to leave your car to pick them up.

Get the Box of 15 Peanut Butter & Grape Uncrustables here!

Goldfish Crackers

Goldfish Crackers are a CLASSIC snack! Get 12 Lunch Packs of Goldfish Crackers for $5.29 from Target.


If you want Disney-themed snacks, you can get these Baby Yoda/Mandalorian Goldfish Crackers for $2.39


…or stick with these Mickey Goldfish Crackers for $2.39!


Whatever you choose, Goldfish Crackers are easy to toss into your bag (or stroller) for some easy snacking. Just make sure you don’t throw them all the way to the bottom of your bag — they might get a little smushed!

Order the 12 Lunch Packs of Goldfish Crackers from Target here!

Nuts/Trail Mix

Over on Amazon, this Power Up Trail Mix gets you 14 ounces of snacking for $5.28. The key to bringing trail mix? NO MELTY INGREDIENTS. That means no chocolate chips — sorry chocolate lovers! Stick with nuts, dried fruits, and seeds.


Over at Target, this 30-ounce container of Cashew Cranberry Almond Trail Mix is $12.99 and plenty to satisfy the whole family!


If you need something sweet to balance the saltiness of the other ingredients, just make sure it’s dried fruit or raisins. You don’t want to find your trail mix stuck together with melty chocolate, trust us.

Order the Cashew Cranberry Almond Trail Mix here!


For those of you who prefer to bring fruit, Cutie Clementines are a great option! You can get a whole bag for $4.79 from Target. Apples can make another easy fruit choice, but make sure you have a way to wash them before eating.


Dried fruits are also a convenient (and tasty) snack option that won’t melt. This 5-ounce bag of Dried Sweetened Cherries are $3.49 from Target…


…and this 2-ounce bag of Freeze Dried Strawberry Slices is $7.29. As a bonus, these dried fruits come in resealable bags, so you can easily toss them in your park bag.


And whether you’re a kid or an adult, fruit pouches can be a convenient way to get your daily serving of fruit! This GoGo squeeZ Applesauce Pack is $12.79 from Target for 20 pouches.


This pack comes with three different flavors, including Apple, Apple Mango, and Apple Banana. Throw a pouch in your bag and don’t worry about any melty, sticky fruit problems.

Order the GoGo squeeZ Applesauce Pack here!

Slim Jim/Meat Stick

Looking for some protein to boost your energy? These Beef Sausage Sticks for $5.39 from Target come in a resealable bag for easy on to go snacking. It comes with around 7 sticks of beef.


You can make it even easier to get protein with 46 Snack Packs of Slim Jims for $10.49. That’s 46 snack-sized packs, which is plenty for a big group to share during a Disney World visit.


Each snack pack comes with 6 grams of protein, so if you feel yourself getting tired it’s really easy to grab one pack from your bag.

Get 46 Snack Packs of Slim Jims here!


Anything Melty

When it comes to the worst snacks you can bring to Disney World, we’ve already mentioned how bringing anything melty is a BAD idea. Unless you’re visiting Disney World during a consistently cool day, you can expect your snacks to melt. In fact, they might melt faster than you think, so steer clear of fruit snacks or anything with chocolate chips or M&Ms, like trail mix or granola bars.

Don’t bring anything with M&Ms!

Trust us, take those melty snacks our of your park bag and keep them in your hotel room for late-night snacking.

Crumbly Things

Even with the best intentions, there are some snacks that are guaranteed to be a crumbly mess. Things like Pop Tarts and granola bars (Nature Valley, we’re looking at you!) might be tasty snacks but they can get REALLY crumbly in your park bag. We’re talking crumbly to the extent that you can’t even eat them.

Granola Bars

But if those kinds of snacks are your favorite, don’t worry — there’s a simple solution! This 3-Piece Set of Food Storage Containers from Amazon is $10.13, and they have divided sections to keep your snacks separate.


This microwave-safe 4-Piece Set of Food Storage Containers is $18.17 from Amazon, and they’re easy to throw in your bag so that none of your food gets crushed.


As a bonus, storage containers are great to bring to Disney World anyway! They can be an easy way to store your food leftovers so that you don’t end up wasting a ton of food — and you have more to snack on during that long commute back to your hotel room after fireworks.

Get the 3-Piece Set of Food Storage Containers or 4-Piece Set of Food Storage Containers here!


Hard-boiled eggs are totally fine to eat in restaurants but the thought of carrying around an egg in 90-degree Florida heat is not our favorite. 🤢

Hard Boiled Eggs

Out of food safety concerns, you might want to consider skipping the hard boiled egg — unless you plan to eat it first thing in the morning!


Bananas are a surprisingly terrible snack to bring to Disney World in the summer. Why? Well, did you know that bananas ripen faster in temperatures higher than 57-degrees Fahrenheit? So if you do the math, carrying around a banana on a 90-degree Florida day can turn your banana black faster than you can eat it.


We’re talking mushy banana within a few hours. It’s a bummer because bananas can be such a convenient snack, but these are better off staying in your hotel room — or eating first thing in the morning.

String Cheese

And finally, string cheese is a delicious snack that sounds like a good idea to bring but you try eating one after walking around for a few hours on a hot day. It turns into hot cheese, but not in a good way. Just no.

Fruit and Cheese Plate with String Cheese

Of course, if your heart is set on some of these cold-dedendent snacks, you could always throw an ice pack in your bag! Small cooler bags are also allowed in Disney World, like this Simple Modern Insulted Cooler Bag that also features a Disney print.


Keep your snacks cold in this for $23.99!

Get the Simple Modern Cooler Bag here!

So there you have it! If you want to avoid a mess, stick to the “best” list and leave the other snacks in your hotel room. Keep following DFB for more Disney Parks tips and advice!

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