The BEST Places to Watch Fireworks in Disney World

Looking forward to watching the iconic Disney World fireworks but aren’t sure where to stand or how to get the best view of them? Well, we’ve got ya covered!

Welcome back! (For now)

We’ve scouted out some of our personal favorite fireworks spots at Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT. And we are sharing ALL of them with you now.

Although we love Disney World fireworks anyway we can get them, there are just some spots that are practically perfect in every way. We’ve viewed the fireworks from — literally — all around “the world.”


We want to make sure we can actually…y’know…*see* them. No blocked views, no standing on tip-toes to get a good look, no inconveniences to take away from the overall performance. Based on our past *ahem* very scientific research, we’ve come up with our favorite spots and compiled them here for you.


EPCOT’s current show is Harmonious, and although the show may not be everything you expect, some people are loving the results of this long-awaited production. This massive show does have some big shoes to fill following the beloved IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth. So where’s the best place to watch?

La Hacienda de San Angel

Starting where a lot of EPCOT travelers begin their global journey, we head over to the Mexico pavilion. La Hacienda de San Angel is a table service Mexican restaurant that has a great window view of the World Showcase Lagoon. (And it’s air-conditioned so…need we say more?)

La Hacienda Windows

If you’re making a reservation around 9PM for the sole purpose of seeing Harmonious, make SURE to request fireworks seating! Remember, this isn’t guaranteed but it doesn’t hurt to ask! The back room of La Hacienda de San Angel doesn’t have a view of the giant window where all the action’s going to take place — and we don’t want you to miss out!

La Hacienda Dining Area

La Hacienda de San Angel also has a quick service location nearby — La Cantina de San Angel — that has a good view of World Showcase Lagoon (as long as you don’t mind a swarm of guests who are all thinking the same thing)! You’ll see a decent chunk of the show, but one of the barges for Harmonious blocks the centerpiece. This won’t impact fireworks viewing but may obstruct part of your overall view.

Ultimate Guac Throwdown? Yes, please!

Between Mexico and Norway

There’s some decent real estate between these two pavilions, and at first glance, there’s nothing super-special about this area — until it becomes super special when you need a view of Harmonious. 


Between the Mexico pavilion and Norway pavilion, you’re going to see a whole lot of walkway and nothing else. Which means no obstructions like trees or buildings. Which ALSO means a wonderfully clear view of the World Showcase Lagoon. *Insert choir of angels singing here*

Just keep swimming…

This is a go-to area if you don’t want to chance it at a restaurant or pay extra for a dessert party. Keep in mind this view is at a bit of an angle. It won’t impact your ability to see the show, but it’s just slightly off center.

See that little empty area between Mexico and Norway? Yeah. That’s the spot, right there.

The one big downside to this area is that it can get a bit crowded and there’s not really a great place to sit. The show is about 20 minutes long, so you’ll want to take that into consideration if your feet are killing you —which, trust us, after a full day in EPCOT, they probably will be.

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Island/Isola in Italy

If you’ve been to EPCOT before, you’re probably familiar with this little island area in the Italy pavilion. It’s got a fancy bridge that the PhotoPass photographers linger around, and you can peak over the railing to find decorative gondolas sitting out on the water.


This island is very peaceful by day — and by night it offers nice views of Harmonious. This area has such nice views, in fact, that it’s usually reserved for private parties. But when it isn’t blocked off for that purpose, it’s your real estate for the taking!

Back when the Dessert Parties were still happening!

Also, we see you, Type A people. Don’t worry that you’re going to plan a snack run and get comfy an hour before the show begins to have the perfect spot, then be asked to move because of a private event. If an event has been booked, the area will be roped off well in advance of the show, so you’ll know you have to mosey on down to our next location.

BONUS TIP: The France pavilion has a similar area, right below the bridge! Again, it’s often used for private parties, but when it’s not? Then you can watch the fireworks from an island in France! Sounds romantic! We remind you again of the angle, but it’s still a good view.

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Tokyo Dining/Mitsukoshi Department Store

Over in the Japan pavilion, you can enjoy sushi with your fireworks at the table service restaurant, Tokyo Dining. However, there are pros and cons to this fireworks-viewing area.

Try to get a spot near the window!

The pros? We’ve found it a lot easier to get a reservation during fireworks time at this location, whereas La Hacienda de San Angel and Rose & Crown can fill up fast. If you ask for fireworks viewing (and there’s room available), you’ll be placed by a nice, elongated window that gives you a great view of the World Showcase Lagoon (aside from a few trees and structures that might block some of the views of the show happening directly on the lake).

Outside View

The cons? It’s really not the trees you have to worry about blocking your view — it’s the people. Namely, the people who have found a nice fireworks-viewing spot on the balcony right above the Mitsukoshi Store. (AKA: Possibly in front of that window view of yours…)

View of World Showcase Lagoon

You can always claim a spot on the balcony if you wish (and if you get there early enough). Just know that part of the arch does block the barges, but it won’t ruin a good fireworks view.

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Spice Road Table

Spice Road Table — over in the Moroccan pavilion — really doesn’t get enough credit for its lovely view of the fireworks! But maybe that’s because the best views at this restaurant are also some of the most limited.

Spice Road Table

Spice Road Table is a table service restaurant featuring a Mediterranean-inspired menu and in-and-outdoor seating. But for the fireworks, you’re going to want to choose the outdoor seating that looks across World Showcase Lagoon.

Spice Road Table

There are not that many tables with this view to begin with, and with the reintroduction of the fireworks dining packages, your chances of arriving and requesting a table with a fireworks view have gone down. The package at Spice Road Table includes your choice of two small plates, a dessert, and unlimited beverages. The cost is $72 for adults, $31 for children ages 3 to 9. If you really want to sit here, book the package. It doesn’t hurt to ask, though, even without the dining package.

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Rose & Crown Dining Room Patio

Our last country stop as we cruise the global community is in the UK Pavilion. Rose and Crown Pub and Dining Room is a table service restaurant in the United Kingdom pavilion that serves up British comfort foods and cozy feels.

Rose and Crown Dining Room

They’ve also got this great covered patio that hugs the World Showcase Lagoon. (Hello?? Can we say PRIME views??) The views are so great here that this location is also an option for the fireworks dining package. This basically means you have to pay for the dining package to secure this viewing area (and get a great meal in the process).

Front Covered Patio at Rose and Crown — this is where you want to be for the fireworks!

The dining package here includes an appetizer, entree, dessert, and unlimited drinks for $89 per adult and $39 for children ages 3 to 9, and includes access to this ridiculously great viewing area for Harmonious.

Tables to the right of the Yorkshire County Fish Shop

HOWEVER — going to the United Kingdom without a dining package to watch the fireworks is STILL worth your while! The Yorkshire County Fish Shop also has a few outdoor seats available nearby! This area is usually used for private parties, but if there’s no event going on that evening, the area is fair game! You’ll just have to get there early and stake out your territory!

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Showcase Plaza

We’ve wound our way around World Showcase, and we are at the entrance between the two gift shops. You’ve just reached the ULTIMATE fireworks viewing destination — Showcase Plaza.

This area has been designated “front and center” for fireworks viewing since it was designed for optimal viewing enjoyment. Keep in mind that this is another area that is sometimes used for private parties and special events, so it’s best to have a back-up spot in mind just in case this area is roped off!


You need to get to this area fairly early to secure your spot. It draws people in from Future World as the fireworks are beginning, and it’s also a launching point for guests who want to see the show and get right out of the park.

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Magic Kingdom

Over at Magic Kingdom, you can currently watch Disney Enchantment — a fireworks show that debuted as part of the 50th Anniversary celebration. The show, which focuses on the centerpiece of the park, Cinderella Castle, takes fireworks and castle projections to a WHOLE new scale (we’re talking projections aaaaaalllllll the way down Main Street, U.S.A.)!

Main Street, U.S.A. 

There’s no getting around it. Do you want the best views of Disney Enchantment? Do you want to see the projections light up the castle and fireworks dazzle the night’s sky in one big cacophony of goosebump-inducing entertainment? Then you’ve GOT to watch the show from Main Street, U.S.A. Everywhere else we’re going to mention in the Magic Kingdom section of this list will give you fun, unique angles of the fireworks, but they’re not going to give you those Cinderella Castle — or Main Street, U.S.A — projection views.

Disney Enchantment

If you’re near the partner statue, you’ll have a pretty clear view. It’ll probably be crowded, but if you don’t mind rubbing shoulders with fellow guests, you should be able to see fireworks, projections, and Tinkerbell flying high. Just don’t stand in the middle of walking paths — otherwise, a cast member will ask you to find another location to stand to avoid traffic congestion.

Magic Kingdom

If you *do* mind shoulder-hugs, try heading toward the back of Main Street, U.S.A. around the flagpole area. Aside from Tinkerbell being so teeny-tiny that you’ll probably miss her, you should still have a nice, distanced view of the rest of the show with less of a bottleneck crowd problem. (Plus, you’re closer to the park exit that way, meaning you’ll be able to beat that wave of exiting guests that inevitably form once the show has concluded.)

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Tangled Bathrooms

Go a bit deeper into Fantasyland (the older side with Peter Pan’s Flight and It’s a Small World) and you’ll find the most well-themed restrooms in all the land — the Tangled Bathrooms.

Such pretty bathrooms though

Wait…are we *really* about to tell you to watch Disney Enchantment from the bathrooms?? Yes. Yes, we are. This is such a romantic outdoor section of the park and you can watch the fireworks go off while looking up at the lanterns. <3 <3 <3 Literally getting chills just writing about it.

Fireworks crowds

Plus, you’re going to get AWESOME and UNIQUE fireworks shots for your social media pages! You won’t get a good view of the projections, but we’re not mad about that. The view of the fireworks is amazing, and you can linger and miss some of the departing crowds.

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Cinderella’s Royal Table

Have you ever eaten at Cinderella’s Royal Table and thought, “Wow, I wish this was prettier”? I mean, probably not?? But if you HAVE, going to this signature dining restaurant during Disney Enchantment might just be that extra bling-bling you need.

Cinderella’s Royal Table

You can’t see the castle projections (because you’re LITERALLY dining in the middle of where the projections are being displayed), but there are elongated windows toward the back of the restaurant where you can see the backside of this whole spectacle. Turns out, the fireworks are shot off from BEHIND Magic Kingdom and not in Magic Kingdom itself. Wild, right?

Inside Cinderella’s Royal Table

Plus, if you’re watching Disney Enchantment *from* Cinderella Castle, we think you’ve earned bragging rights from here on out. I mean, that’s pretty stinkin’ cool.

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Prince Charming’s Regal Carousel 

Pop quiz — what did you notice about that window view from Cinderella’s Royal Table? Since this is an open note quiz, we’ll give you a sec to scroll back up and study.

Fireworks from Inside the Castle

If the first thing you noticed (aside from the fireworks) was Prince Charming’s Regal Carousel, then you get an A+ for the day!


If you don’t want to pay the moolah to eat dinner at Cinderella’s Royal Table but want a similar fireworks view, just watch them near the carousel! A few benches are scattered about here that you can sit yourself down on, or you can just plop yourself on the ground nearby (again — don’t sit in the middle of the walking paths!!).

Prince Charming Regal Carousel

It’s not super crowded back there and you’ll be able to watch the fireworks as they shoot off from the forest.

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Riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

There are actually a handful of rides guests like to jump on before the fireworks. Splash Mountain, Astro Orbiter, the Liberty Square Riverboat… But our personal favorite ride to watch the fireworks from is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad coaster over in Frontierland. (Hot take — that ride is SO much better at night, even without the extra razzle-dazzle of the fireworks.)

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Just like any of the other rides, you’ve got to time this out right. Disney Enchantment is around 15 minutes long, so if you see the line for Big Thunder Mountain is pushing 30 minutes, don’t push your luck. Then again, the lines for all the rides usually have much MUCH lower wait times during the fireworks, so you might be able to jump on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad? But if you want a better chance at watching the fireworks from the ride, jump in the queue 20-ish minutes before the show starts. 


Watching the fireworks while bucking around on the WILDEST ride in the WILDERNESS adds a whole new layer to this “explosive” storytelling. 

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California Grill

That’s right, folks. You don’t HAVE to be directly in Magic Kingdom to see the Disney Enchantment fireworks. There are a few deluxe resort locations that offer some epic views, too — though you’ll be missing out on the projection show.

California Grill

One of our favorite signature dining restaurants for viewing fireworks is California Grill, located on the 15th floor of Disney’s Contemporary Resort. Not only is the food here a fan favorite, but there’s a whole private Observation Deck that guests can use to go out and watch Disney Enchantment!

Views from California Grill

When fireworks are going off around 8:45PM, the restaurant goes dim and pipes in the show’s music — so you’re going to get a romantic and, dare we say, “magical” experience whether you’re watching them from in the restaurant or outside on the deck. 

Fireworks from the California Grill

Only same-day guests who’ve dined at California Grill can use the Observation Deck to view the fireworks. If you ate at California Grill early in the day but still want to view the fireworks from the Observation Deck at night, show your receipt from that day to the Cast Member by the elevator entrance and they’ll grant you access to the top floor once again. Even if you aren’t staying at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, anyone can make reservations for the restaurant.

Fireworks at California Grill at the Contemporary ©Disney

The same goes for all the other resort restaurants! Just make your reservations on the My Disney Experience App for the resort restaurant you want to dine at and you’ll be good to go!

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‘Ohana bread pudding. ‘Ohana Noodles. ‘Ohana…everything. The only thing that could make our hearts happier while dining at ‘Ohana in Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is the addition of fireworks. And — lookie here! — we can DO just that!


Similar to California Grill, ‘Ohana dims the lights and pipes in the music during Disney Enchantment. Unlike California Grill, there is no Observation Deck — meaning you have to rely on the giant windows giving you the best views possible. 


Not every seat at ‘Ohana is a fireworks-viewing seat, so make the request ahead of time so you’re not stuck looking at a wall instead of a sparkling night’s sky.


BONUS TIP: the beachside at Polynesian Resort has GREAT fireworks views without the crowds OR the price of a signature restaurant meal! You can also see the Electrical Water Pageant pre-show happen on the Seven Seas Lagoon!

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Let’s wrap up this list by talking about the nautical-themed signature dining restaurant, Narcoossee’s, located at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort!

Narcoossee’s at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort

This is one of the most peaceful dining-and-fireworks-watching areas you’ll find on this list. You can watch the Disney Enchantment fireworks (and the Electrical Water Pageant) from that glorious wraparound porch jutting out above the Seven Seas Lagoon. OR you can catch them from the comfort of your air-conditioned seat indoors — just request a fireworks window seat, if available! 


Plus, you get to nosh on a variety of different seafood options, so…win-win?

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Disney’s Hollywood Studios

With the start of the 50th-anniversary celebration, Disney’s Hollywood Studios restarted their nightime fireworks and projection show, the Wonderful World of Animation. With Tower of Terror becoming part of the Beacons of Magic, the incredible new lighting to celebrate the anniversary, your eyes and temptation might divert you back here. Resist, my friend, resist!

Wonderful World of Animation

The REAL show is directly in front of the Chinese Theater. If you are standing in front of the theater, the first half-circle-shaped area is often reserved for guests of the dessert parties. That’s okay. The crescent-shaped area just behind that is perfect for viewing the show. Compared to the space for fireworks shows in other parks, this really is the one and only place to be, so you want to get here at least 45 minutes early.

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Hopefully at least ONE of these options provides you with fantastic (and maybe even unique) views of the fireworks spectaculars! If you need an accessible viewing area, ask a Cast Member to direct you. The parks all have special accommodations for guests in wheelchairs and ECVs.

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