PHOTO REPORT: Disney’s Hollywood Studios 8/22/2022 (Halloween MagicBand+, ’The Emperor’s New Groove’ Dooney & Bourke Bags, & More)

Hey, Howdy, Hey! Welcome to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Today, we’re looping around the park, finding new merchandise, and taking in the sights. Lights, camera, action!

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Celebrity 5 & 10 now has a small selection of Halloween merchandise.

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Inside The Darkroom, we noticed a spooky new item. A brand new Halloween MagicBand+ is available for $44.99.

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It’s such a hot day, we ponder about jumping into Echo Lake to cool off.

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Keystone Clothiers is still home to the new Groot pumpkin plush.

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Boo-ya! “The Emperor’s New Groove” Dooney & Bourke collection has arrived. We found these bags at The Majestic, and at Uptown Jewelers in Magic Kingdom.

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It’s World Princess Week and Catalina Eddie’s is serving up the Enchanted Rose once again.

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We’re MAD about this new fiery, anger headband. You can find it at the newly reopened Beverly Sunset Boutique.

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Hi, Jessie and Rex!

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Jessie’s Trading Post has a new Toy Story Land backpack and belt-bag. It is perfect for back to school!

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Chewie, we’re headed out. Let’s take a quick stop at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon.

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The Car Locator on My Disney Experience helped us to find our car in the parking lot on the way out.

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It feels like 108 degrees today. Let’s put our toes in the water and grab an ice cream cone.

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We wanted to try this new Moana Cone. The ice cream machine was broken and we’ll have to come back another day.

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Let’s grab a silly picture with Stitch, and find some AC. Thanks for joining us today and we’ll see ya real soon!

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