Our HONEST Thoughts on the Mac and Cheese Booth at the EPCOT Food & Wine Festival

If you think you’ve experienced all that the 2022 EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival has to offer…you’d be wrong. (Proceed with caution: cheesy goodness lies ahead.)

Mac & Eats

Yes, the festival has been underway for quite some time now, but some booths were fashionably late to the party. So, it’s time for us to continue our food adventure by digging into the Mac & Eats Booth! Are there any must-eats here? Let’s chew on that. 


The Mac & Eats booth, which was new in 2021, is back again this year! At the Mac & Eats Booth, you’ll find a few different items — of the Mac & Cheese variety, of course. You may notice a few returners, like the Traditional Mac & Cheese and Cowboy Mac & Cheese. But, if you’re in the mood for something new, they have that too! There are 2 new drinks, as well as the new Chili-Cheese Macaroni & Cheese.

Mac and Eats Menu

Now that we’ve gotten the menu out of the way, let’s dig in!


First up, we grabbed the newest item to hit this booth — the Chili-Cheese Macaroni & Cheese with Sour Cream and Cheddar Cheese. This item is actually plant-based, so it’s vegan and vegetarian-friendly!

Chili Cheese Macaroni and Cheese

It’s topped with Fritos, vegan cheese, vegan sour cream, chives, and plant-based chili. Basically, the flavor profile is like a mix between Frito pie, the plant-based totchos from Woody’s Lunch box, and mac and cheese. It’s glorious! Our plant-based eater who tried it was really impressed with the quality of the “cheese.”

The chives add a nice green flavor to the heavier parts of the combo, and it all blends together nicely. You can grab it for $5.50.

This one was surprisingly amazing!

Next up, we have the Traditional Mac & Cheese with Herbed Panko. We’ve had this one in the past, but we decided to check it out again (ya know, for quality control 😉). All in all, it was basically fine. We wish it would’ve had some more seasoning, like garlic salt or black pepper.

Traditional Macaroni and Cheese

The mac and cheese itself wasn’t nearly as cheesy or creamy as others that we’ve had around Disney World, so that was a smidge disappointing. It would definitely be better with some toppings! You can get this dish for $5.

That’s not a huge portion either.

The other returning dish is the Cowboy Macaroni & Cheese with Smoked Pork BellyBrisket Burnt EndsPickled Peppers, and Onion Straws. Yes…this thing is jam-packed with ingredients. The portion size on this dish was a lot better than the traditional version, and it’s topped with HUGE chunks of the pork belly that melt in your mouth.

Cowboy Macaroni and Cheese

It had a fair amount of sauce on top, and the onion straws provided a good crunchy texture that we enjoyed. It comes with peppers, so those averse to heat should probably order it sans peppers. It’s a pretty heavy option, but you certainly get bang for your buck with that $5.50 price tag.

This was hearty and delicious!

So what are our thoughts?


This year, the Mac & Eats booth lands squarely in the middle for us. Nothing in particular stood out as a “best of the fest” menu item, but we did really enjoy the Cowboy mac and the plant-based Chili Cheese mac. We were a bit disappointed with the traditional version, but we’d definitely still recommend stopping by this booth to try out something…especially if you’re a pasta lover!

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2022 EPCOT Food & Wine Festival

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