New Haunted Mansion Tee at Walt Disney World

A new Haunted Mansion tee with an all-over print is now available at Walt Disney World. We found it at World of Disney in Disney Springs.

Haunted Mansion Tee – $34.99

Haunted Mansion AOP tee

The shirt is white, with a muted green neckline.

haunted mansion tee 5022

The print features various scenes, characters, and icons from The Haunted Mansion.

haunted mansion tee 5020

The stretching portrait characters are side-by-side, two Haunted Mansion Cast Members stand at the attraction gates, and Madame Leota floats among instruments.

haunted mansion tee 5021

The singing busts, gravestones, and The Haunted Mansion plaque are scattered among the larger images.

haunted mansion tee 5023

The pattern continues on the back.

haunted mansion tee 5024
haunted mansion tee 5025

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