New Betsey Johnson Disney Villains and Halloween Jewelry at Walt Disney World

A new collection of Betsey Johnson Disney Villains jewelry, plus a Halloween Mickey necklace, are available at Walt Disney World. These can be found in Uptown Jewelers at Magic Kingdom.

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There is an Evil Queen locket, Disney Villains earrings, and Disney Villains charm bracelet.

Evil Queen Locket – $75

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The locket comes on a chain that is lined with gems on one side. A charm near the neck resembles the Evil Queen’s pointed crown.

evil queen locket

The front of the locket reads “Queen of Mean.” It’s in a gem-encrusted frame, just like the Magic Mirror.

evil queen locket 2

The inside of the locket has a mirror and an image of the Evil Queen. A charm of a dagger through a heart hangs on a golden chain from inside. There’s space to tuck it fully inside when the locket is closed.

Disney Villains Charm Bracelet – $65

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The bracelet is silver. Each charm represents a different Disney Villain.

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There is a unique blue skull — representative of Hades — a dagger through a heart, a black rose, and a golden crown.

betsey johnson halloween 2022

Then there’s a blue gem, trident, and black and red Genie’s lamp.

Disney Villains Earrings – $55

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Similar charms dangle in a line from these earrings. One has a gold crown, skull, black and red lamp, and poison apple.

betsey johnson halloween 2022 9

The other earring has a dagger and heart, blue crown, golden cobra, and Maleficent as a dragon.

Halloween Mickey Necklace – $75

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This necklace has a little spider charm on the golden chain.

betsey johnson halloween 2022 10
betsey johnson halloween 2022 11

The pendant is a three-dimensional Mickey wearing a pumpkin costume, including an orange hat and shoes.

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