Merchandise Roundup 08/01/2022: Light-Up Bride Ornament, Disney Princesses Floral Backpack, nuiMOs Pluto Plush and Outfits, and More

Welcome to the merchandise roundup for August 1, 2022! Each new day brings new merchandise to Walt Disney World, and we know you don’t want to miss a thing, so we gather new releases here. This week we visited EPCOT, Disney Springs, Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Contemporary Resort; let’s look at our discoveries.

Pegasus Button-Up Shirt – $59.99

merch roundup 07.30.22 2

This blue shirt has a cloudy white pattern featuring images of Pegasus from “Hercules.”

merch roundup 07.30.22 0
merch roundup 07.30.22 1

The buttons are white and it has a breast pocket.

merch roundup 07.30.22 4
merch roundup 07.30.22 3
merch roundup 07.30.22 5

This and the shirts below were in Creations Shop at EPCOT.

Youth “Lightyear” Button-Up Shirt – $34.99

merch roundup 07.30.22 12

This shirt is perfect for any kids hoping to join Star Command.

merch roundup 07.30.22 11

It’s dark blue, with orange buttons.

merch roundup 07.30.22 6

“Star Command” is in large silver letters on the left sleeve. It’s also repeated across the shirt in lighter letters.

merch roundup 07.30.22 10

The breast pocket has a velcro strap.

merch roundup 07.30.22 13

The shirt is also patterned with white and black versions of the Star command logo and a spaceship.

merch roundup 07.30.22 8

There are white, green, and orange accent lines.

merch roundup 07.30.22 7
merch roundup 07.30.22 9

“The Little Mermaid” Tie-Dye Tee – $36.99

merch roundup 07.30.22 14

This tie-dye shirt is white and purple.

merch roundup 07.30.22 15

“The Little Mermaid” is in purple lettering across the front. Ariel’s outline is below, pointing at a stream of bubbles with Flounder, Sebastian, and two unnamed fish.

merch roundup 07.30.22 16

Figment Ringer Shirt – $29.99

merch roundup 07.30.22 22

This shirt is white with a red collar and red sleeve edges.

merch roundup 07.30.22 23
merch roundup 07.30.22 24
merch roundup 07.30.22 25

Red, orange, and yellow stripes are across the chest.

merch roundup 07.30.22 26

A circle with Figment’s face is on the left breast, atop the stripes.

merch roundup 07.30.22 27

Vault Collection PopGrip – $16.99

merch roundup 07.30.22 17

At Port of Entry, we found this Vault Collection PopGrip.

merch roundup 07.30.22 18

It’s white, with a blue, gold, and purple image of Cinderella Castle at the center.

merch roundup 07.30.22 19

A blue and gold version of the retro Mickey globe “D” logo is next to the castle. “Walt Disney World” is in blue along the bottom.

merch roundup 07.30.22 20

The sides of the grip are also blue.

merch roundup 07.30.22 21

Instructions are on the back of the packaging.

Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary Mug – $24.99

merchandise roundup 5

This stoneware mug was originally released at Disneyland Paris, but is now available at Plume et Palette in the France Pavilion of EPCOT.

merchandise roundup 0

It’s shiny and black with a golden handle. A gold image of Sleeping Beauty Castle is on one side, with white gems embedded around it. Tinker Bell’s silhouette is in front of the castle.

merchandise roundup 1

The other side of the mug reads “Disneyland Paris 30 Years of Magic.”

merchandise roundup 4

The rim of the mug is gold, while the inside is black.

Captain America Youth Shirt – $24.99

merchandise roundup 6

This shirt features Captain America yelling, “Language!” on the front. He is mid-action, having just thrown his shield.

merchandise roundup 7

This is a sensory-friendly shirt, meaning it has flat seams and tear-away tags.

merchandise roundup 8

The back features Cap’s shield hitting a Hydra goon.

merchandise roundup 9

This shirt was in Disney Traders.

Jasmine Rain Jacket – $79.99

merchandise roundup 10

Over at DisneyStyle, we found this blue rain jacket inspired by Jasmine.

merchandise roundup 13

This matches other Jasmine merchandise that celebrates the 30th anniversary of “Aladdin.”

merchandise roundup 11

The zipper is golden and the hood has elastic strings. The silhouette of Jasmine on the magic carpet is in gold on the left breast.

merchandise roundup 12

The rest of the jacket is covered in golden images of stars, moons, and lily flowers.

merchandise roundup 14
merchandise roundup 17
merchandise roundup 15

These images are also on the back.

merchandise roundup 16

Mickey Pride Socks – $14.99

merchandise roundup 20

These Disney Pride Collection socks were also in DisneyStyle.

merchandise roundup 19

They are black, with blue toes.

merchandise roundup 21

An ombre Mickey face is at the top of each sock.

merchandise roundup 22
merchandise roundup 18

The heel is also blue and “Love” is in rainbow ombre across the bottom of the foot. The “o” is a Mickey head.

Chip n’ Dale Long-Sleeved Shirt – $54.99

chip n dale shirt

This long-sleeved shirt is white with neon images of Chip and Dale on the front.

chip n dale shirt 1

There are six squares, the four on the ends featuring images of the chipmunks. The two in the center have a beach ball and palm tree.

chip n dale shirt 2
chip n dale shirt 3

This and the sweatshirt below were in DisneyStyle.

Dale Sweatshirt – $44.99

dale sweatshirt

This sweatshirt is blue and features a tie-dye image of Dale on the front.

dale sweatshirt 1

He’s wearing black sunglasses.

dale sweatshirt 2

It has a pocket and hood.

dale sweatshirt 3

Disney Princess Flowers Backpack – $39.99

princess flowers backpack 0

Also in DisneyStyle was this new floral backpack inspired by the Disney Princesses.

princess flowers backpack 1

The top flap is golden and decorated with Aurora’s crown.

princess flowers backpack 2

It has golden drawstrings and piping.

princess flowers backpack 3

The flap snaps closed. The pattern includes yellow, red, and green flowers and plants.

princess flowers backpack 7

Hidden among the flowers are different icons from Disney Princess films. Cinderella’s glass slipper and coach are both pictured in purple.

princess flowers backpack 8

The Enchanted Rose, Lumiere, and Cogsworth are there, as is Cri-Kee from “Mulan.” We also spotted the Genie lamp, spinning wheel, and Sebastian.

princess flowers backpack 9
princess flowers backpack b 1

The backpack straps are also golden and adjustable.

princess flowers backpack b
merchandise roundup 23

Both of these new Disney nuiMOs outfits were in World of Disney.

Pride nuiMOs Tracksuit Outfit – $12.99

merchandise roundup 24

The first outfit includes a white track jacket and pants, both with rainbow stripes across them.

merchandise roundup 30

It also includes a red shirt, with Mickey’s white gloves creating a rainbow heart on the center.

merchandise roundup 31

The jacket has a hood and zips up.

Pride nuiMOs Overalls Outfit – $12.99

merchandise roundup 27

The second outfit has a rainbow striped shirt and faux denim overalls.

merchandise roundup 28

The overalls are embroidered with a rainbow heart.

merchandise roundup 25

The white shoes have faux rainbow laces and rainbow edges.

nuimos fall fashion 5

Fall nuiMOs Jacket Outfit – $12.99

nuimos fall fashion 2
nuimos fall fashion 3
nuimos fall fashion 1
nuimos fall fashion 4

Fall nuiMOs Apron Outfit – $12.99

nuimos fall fashion 13
nuimos fall fashion 10
nuimos fall fashion 11
nuimos fall fashion 8

Fall nuiMOs Cardigan Outfit – $12.99

nuimos fall fashion 14
nuimos fall fashion 7
nuimos fall fashion 6

Smile nuiMOs Outfit – $12.99

nuimos smile outfit 1

Finally, we found this late addition the summer “Smile” collection at Bayview Gifts in Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

nuimos smile outfit

“Be Happy” Backpack – $29.99

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 0

Also in World of Disney was this backpack. It’s dark pink, with a small zip pocket on the front.

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 1

A pink, yellow, and blue rainbow is on the pocket, with Mickey, Minnie, and “Be Happy” embroidered on the center.

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 2

The bottoms of the sides and the straps are blue.

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 3

The interior is also blue.

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 4

The back is cream-colored.

Minnie Mouse Mug – $22.99

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 5

This mug is white with a black handle. Minnie’s face peeks out from above her name on one side. “Minnie” is in black block letters, while “Mouse” is in red cursive.

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 6
merchandise roundup 07.30.22 7

Her red and white polka dot bow is atop the handle.

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 8
merchandise roundup 07.30.22 9

Bows are also patterned around the black interior of the mug. This was also in World of Disney.

50th Anniversary Castle Shirt – $36.99

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 10

This white shirt has exposed seams and Cinderella Castle on the front.

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 11

The castle is pictured decked out in 50th anniversary decorations. “Walt Disney World” is in gold along the bottom, with “The World’s Most Magical Celebration” in smaller black letters below that.

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 12
merchandise roundup 07.30.22 13
merchandise roundup 07.30.22 14

This was also in World of Disney.

“Star Wars” New Era Ball Cap – $34.99

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 15

This grey hat by New Era is patterned all over with “Star Wars” icons, like Boba Fett’s helmet, TIE Fighters, Chewbacca’s face, and X-wings.

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 16

“Star Wars” is in big black 3-D letters on the front.

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 17

The New Era logo is embroidered on the side.

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 18

It has an adjustable strap on the back.

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 19
merchandise roundup 07.30.22 20

The underside of the brim is light grey.

This was in World of Disney, while the “Star Wars” shirt below was in Galactic Outpost.

“It’s a Trap” Tee – $24.99

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 21

This teal green tee has a warning sign on the front.

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 22

The sign features Admiral Ackbar and his famous quote: “It’s a trap!”

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 23

Stitch Pitcher – $39.99

Plastic stitch pitcher. The handle is like a weird fake leather $39.99

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 0 1

Over at Magic Kingdom, we found this new Stitch pitcher.

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 4 1

The picture is transparent plastic, with images of Stitch embossed on each side. Here, Stitch is standing on one hand with his tonge out.

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 1 1

Here, Stitch stands up straight.

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 6 1

He has a big grin on his face.

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 2 1
merchandise roundup 07.30.22 5 1

The handle is covered in brown fake leather.

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 3 1

This was in the Emporium.

Pluto nuiMOs Plush – $19.99

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 9 1

Pluto has joined the Disney nuiMOs plush lineup.

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 12 1

He wears a green collar.

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 10 1
merchandise roundup 07.30.22 11 1
merchandise roundup 07.30.22 7 1

You can dress Pluto up in the Pride outfits we found at EPCOT.

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 8 1
merchandise roundup 07.30.22 13 1

Disney nuiMOs plush have wires in their limbs, so they’re posable.

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 14 1

He was also in the Emporium.

Minnie Bow Set – $12.99

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 16 1

This set includes two red bows attached to hair elastics.

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 17 1

Both bows have a patch of Minnie’s face at the center.

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 15 1

The elastics are black. These were in the Emporium.

Minnie Youth Headband – $12.99

merch roundup 07.30.22 1 1

At World of Disney, we found this matching headband.

merch roundup 07.30.22 2 1

It’s covered in red fabric, with a large bow on one side.

merch roundup 07.30.22

This bow has the same Minnie patch at the center.

merch roundup 07.30.22 3 1

Sequin Belt Bag – $34.99

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 18 1

Back at Magic Kingdom, we found this belt bag in Star Traders.

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 22 1

It’s pink and covered in transparent sequins. The Cinderella Castle patch on the center resembles the old castle logo that used to play in front of Disney movies.

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 23 1

It’s teal green with white stripes across it.

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 20 1
merchandise roundup 07.30.22 21 1

The bag has a pink adjustable strap. “Disney Magic” is repeated across the bag. It matches “Disney Magic” apparel that has been trickling into Walt Disney World these past few months.

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 19 1

The Haunted Mansion Bride Ornament – $29.99

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 28

This ornament is available at Memento Mori in Magic Kingdom.

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 29

It has a sculpted figure of the Bride from The Haunted Mansion. A light in the base illuminates the Bride, who is also known as Constance Hatchaway.

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 30

The light is operated with a button and uses coin cell batteries.

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 34
merchandise roundup 07.30.22 36

The Bride holds her ghostly handaxe, plus a bloody red bouquet of roses.

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 32
merchandise roundup 07.30.22 35

“The Haunted Mansion” is carved into the brown base.

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 31
merchandise roundup 07.30.22 33
merchandise roundup 07.30.22 37

We found these new Disney Princess die-cut magnets in Frontier Trading Post.

Jasmine Magnet – $14.99

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 38

The Jasmine magnet matches the 30th anniversary “Aladdin” merch.

Merida Magnet – $14.99

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 39

Merida’s magnet reads “Be brave” and “Be bold.”

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 40
merchandise roundup 07.30.22 26

Two more Disney Princess magnets were in the Darkroom at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Both of these have a blocky minimalist style.

Ariel Magnet – $14.99

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 24

Ariel and Flounder are featured on this magnet, which reads, “Magical like a mermaid.”

Belle Magnet – $14.99

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 25

Belle’s magnet reads, “Bold like a rose.”

merchandise roundup 07.30.22 27

Toy Story Land Sweatshirt – $59.99

toy story sweatshirt 5

This sweatshirt is part of the new Toy Story Land collection. The torso is white, and the hood has a yellow drawstring.

toy story sweatshirt 4

One sleeve is blue.

toy story sweatshirt 6

The other is pastel pink. Both have yellow wrists.

toy story sweatshirt 9

The front pocket is patterned all-over with “Toy Story” characters.

toy story sweatshirt 1

A Toy Story Land patch is on the bottom edge, which is striped green and yellow.

toy story sweatshirt 7

The back is blank.

toy story sweatshirt

The outside of the hood is also patterned with characters.

toy story sweatshirt 8
toy story sweatshirt 2

The inside of the hood is green. This was in Jessie’s Trading Post.

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