Have Cast Members Stopped Saying, Princess & Prince?

A thread on the DISboards has got me thinking, have Cast Members stopped calling guests Princess and Prince?

I always loved being called Princess by Cast Members when I was a kid, heck, even as an adult. A rumor is floating around that Cast Members are being told to stop using those terms. When I worked in the theme park industry, I was told to use the word “friends” when speaking to groups or when unsure.

I think using a mix between princess, prince, and friends is good. I believe the more inclusive Disney can be, the better it is for the guests visiting. I think it’s essential to grow with the times and to include EVERYONE when greeting guests.

I don’t think this rumor is true, though, because I got called “princess” just a few days ago while entering the parks. What I do think is happening is that Disney is telling Cast Members to be more aware when using those terms.

If you want to read more on this “rumor,” check out the thread on the DISboards and please let us know what you think. Do you prefer Princess and Prince? Or do you prefer friends and family? Or do you prefer a simple “Hello” or “Hello, everyone”?