Halloween Trees ARE a Thing, And You Need a Disney One.

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It’s time to deck the halls, but NOT with mistletoe and candy canes.

Halloween in Magic Kingdom | 2021

We’re in full spooky season mode right now, which means we’re ready to set out the tombstones, string the cobwebs, and put up the Halloween tree. If you haven’t heard of a Halloween tree before, just trust us — it’s a thing. And now you can create your own! We’ve pulled together everything you’ll need right here.

To begin your spooky-yet-festive masterpiece, you’ll first need a tree of course! And because this is a Halloween tree, we’re going with a black one. We found a 6-foot black Halloween/Christmas tree on SALE at Target. It’s normally $169.99, but right now you can get it for $77.99.


If you want an even bigger tree, the 7.5-foot version is $92.99 (down from $199.99). Each tree comes with a metal stand and divides into 3 parts for easy storage and assembly. The trees are unlit, but we’ll fix that shortly.

Click here to buy the black Halloween tree from Target.

Now to address the lighting problem: Amazon has some mini Christmas lights that are available in orange!


You can get 150 LED orange lights (the strand is about 33 feet long) for $11.99 (down from the normal price of $14.99).

Click here to buy the orange string lights from Amazon.

On to the tree skirt (we’re not cutting any corners with this tree — only the best for Halloween). We’ll keep it pretty simple for the skirt since we plan to go big with the ornaments. We found a black and white checkered tree skirt at Target for $17.99 (on sale from its normal price of $21.99).


The skirt is 20 inches in diameter and ties with hook-and-loop fasteners.

Click here to buy the checkered tree skirt.

With the tree up and strung with lights, complete with its skirt at the bottom, we’re finally ready to add some ornaments! Disney has several options online right now, including designs from the Haunted Mansion, Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, and classic Disney characters. There’s a Hitchhiking Ghosts ornament with the 3 ghosts (Ezra, Phineas, and Gus) inside a glass sphere.


You can get it for $24.99.

Click here to buy the Hitchhiking Ghosts ornament.

Another Haunted Mansion figure is represented in this next ornament, which features The Bride holding a bouquet of roses and an ax. The figure lights up as well!


You can get The Bride ornament for $24.99.

Click here to buy the light-up Bride 0rnament.

The last of our Haunted Mansion ornaments will be the Doom Buggy ornament, which again features those Hitchhiking Ghosts, Ezra, Phineas, and Gus.


This ornament also lights up, and it’s available for $24.99.

Click here to buy the Doom Buggy ornament.

On to a different spooky Disney story, let’s check out some Nightmare Before Christmas ornaments. First is this Jack Skellington ornament, which shows Jack on a snowmobile, ready to deliver some frightful gifts.


You can get this ornament for $24.99.

Click here to buy the Jack Skellington ornament.

You can also get an entire set of Nightmare Before Christmas ornaments, each showing a character from the movie (like Jack, Sally, and Oogie Boogie). This set comes with 7 ornaments and a tree topper of Jack Skellington as Sandy Claws.


Get the set for $49.99.

Click here to buy the Nightmare Before Christmas ornament and tree topper set.

The next ornament references a less popular show, but you may still know it if you’re a big fan of the Disney classics. This dancing skeleton ornament is a nod to Disney’s 1929 short called “The Skeleton Dance.”


You can get the ornament for $22.99.

Click here to buy the dancing skeleton ornament.

Baby Yoda is the star of the next ornament! Grogu from The Mandalorian is sitting in a pumpkin pram, holding a “Trick or Treat” bag.


You can buy the Baby Yoda ornament for $22.99.

Click here to buy the Baby Yoda ornament.

And speaking of trick-or-treating, you can find Huey, Dewey, and Louie asking for some candy on the next ornament. When you push the button on the bottom of this ornament, it’ll play the theme from Walt Disney’s cartoon short “Trick or Treat.”


You can get the singing ornament for $26.99.

Click here to buy the Huey, Dewey, and Louie ornament.

With a skirt, topper, and lots of ornaments, your tree is all ready to go for this Halloween season! If you’re looking for more spooky decorations, we’ve got you covered. Check out some BIG Halloween inflatables you can add to your front yard. We also spotted new Halloween home decor — get all your Disney Halloween shopping done with this list.

Halloween in Disney World | 2021

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