Forget Mickey Bars — If You Eat Any Disney Ice Cream, It MUST Be This Sundae!

Is there anything better than ice cream on a hot day? (Disregarding the fact that ice cream melts, of course.)

The Uni-Cone

There are a lot of ice cream options at both Disney World and Disneyland Resort, from unique ice cream flavors at Salt and Straw, to a classic Mickey Premium Bar, and more.  And now we’re heading over to Disneyland Park to try another ice cream sundae!

Today, we’re heading to The Golden Horseshoe at Disneyland to try the Cookie Butter Churro Sundae for $7.99. This sundae is Cookie Dough Ice Cream with Cookie Butter Sauce, garnished with Cinnamon Sugar-dusted Churros and Whipped Topping. We’ve had a sundae similar to this in the past and enjoyed it, so we were excited to try this one out!

Cookie Butter Churro Sundae

If you’re a fan of Cookie Dough (let’s be real, who isn’t?), then you’ll really enjoy this treat. Seriously — it was jam-packed with huge chunks of Cookie Dough and had the right amount of sweetness from the Chocolate Chips. The Cookie Butter Sauce also gave the treat a kick of caramel and cinnamon which paired very well with the warm, fresh Churros. 

A 10/10

We’ll definitely be heading back for “seconds” soon! If this dessert sounds like something you would enjoy, then you can grab it from The Golden Horseshoe at Disneyland for $7.99. If you’re a Magic Key Holder, you can get this treat in a Magic Key Ear Hat Bowl for $17.19. If cookie dough isn’t your thing, then there are other desserts on the menu at The Golden Horseshoe, too! You can get the strawberry Ice Cream Float, House-made Chocolate-Chunk Cookie Sundae, and Golden Horseshoe Ice Cream Float, as well.

The Golden Horseshoe

Looking for other sweet treats in the area? Check out the 19 new dessert items that are coming to Disneyland! As always, make sure to stay tuned to DFB for the latest Disney food news.

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