Drinks Are MISSING From Club Cool in EPCOT

Supply chain issues have been plaguing Disney World for a while now, with merchandise shortages even closing down a gift shop in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Although we recently saw that shop reopen, there have continued to be problems elsewhere in the parks.


For example, a popular EPCOT snack is still missing from the Norway pavilion — Cast Members have cited supply problems for that shortage. And there’s another EPCOT spot that’s suffering from shortages as well.

At Club Cool in EPCOT‘s World Celebration section, you can sample sodas from around the world. There are all kinds of fun drinks to try here (and some pretty gross ones as well — we’re looking at you, Beverly), and the best part is that the samples are free!

Club Cool in EPCOT

However, if you visit Club Cool soon you’ll notice one big problem — a lot of the flavors are currently MISSING from the soda machines. In the place of the soda’s label, you’ll find a sign that says “Please try another flavor.”

A lot of sodas are missing!

We asked a Cast Member what’s going on with those flavors, and they confirmed that Disney has been having trouble with supply chain issues. Because the shipments are coming in much slower than usual, it’s difficult to keep all the sodas stocked at each station.

Supply chain issues

Most of the stations had a couple of flavors missing, but you can often find those flavors at different stations instead if you really want to try a certain one. But there was one flavor that was missing from every single station: Minute Maid Joy Apple Lychee from Korea.

The Korea drink is especially popular.

The Cast Member said that this drink was one of the most popular, so they run out of it faster than the other drinks. They told us that it’s been out of stock for a while and it could still be a while yet before it returns.

We may not see the Korea drink for a while.

Club Cool isn’t the only spot where popular drinks have taken a hit from supply chain problems. For a while, the fan-favorite Fuzzy Tauntaun was missing from Oga’s Cantina in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Disney was having trouble finding one very important ingredient for the drink — the one that creates that mouth-numbing effect that the drink is famous for. Luckily, they were able to find a replacement that has a very similar effect, and the drink has made a triumphant return.

It’s back!

As we mentioned previously, a gift shop in Hollywood Studios recently reopened with fully stocked shelves. However, Merchant of Venus (a gift shop in Magic Kingdom) has reopened as a rest area with tables and chairs instead of shelves full of merchandise. It provides a welcome opportunity to relax in the air-conditioning, but we can’t help but wonder if the real reason this shop has changed is that Disney didn’t have enough merchandise to stock the shelves.

Plenty of seating

We’ll continue to watch for more ways that supply chain issues could impact your upcoming Disney World trip, so stay tuned with DFB for all the latest updates.

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