Do NOT Sleep on This $1 Disney World Snack Hack

Calling ALL queso and taco fans — we’re about to take your Disney World snacking to the next level.

Cinderella Castle

Sure, you can go on a cheese crawl in EPCOT, or you can get a GIANT cheese snack in Disneyland (seriously, that thing is ginormous), but sometimes it’s not about getting a dish that’s all about the cheese. Sometimes it’s about taking an ordinary dish and MAKING it all about the cheese — giving your snack the cheesiest of upgrades to take it from good to OH. MY. GOSH. 😮 Today we’re going to teach you just how to do that with a snack in Magic Kingdom.

Not too long ago, we shared our FULL review of “The Walking Taco” served at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe. Basically, it’s a bag of Fritos Scoops topped with ground beef, yellow rice, black beans, cheddar, jalapeno, tomato, and sour cream ALL tucked into a bag (a.k.a. a Frito Pie in a bag).

It’s not a new snack to the world (it’s something you may often find at a fair or something you can even make at home), but it was fun to see it appear in the park.

It’s served separately.

It’s a simple option with lots of ingredients and was pretty tasty! But there was just one problem…it did NOT have enough cheese for our liking. Seriously, folks, WHERE is the cheese?!?!

The Walking Taco Version 1

We swore to ourselves that if we were to ever obtain The Walking Taco again, we would grab a side of queso to pour on top of this Frito Pie goodness. And folks, we did it. We had to…for science!

During one of our recent trips to Magic Kingdom, we made our way over to Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe and ordered The Walking Taco, which costs $10.99 on its own. Then, we took things to the next level by ordering a side of Queso Dip for $1. Yes, the Queso Dip is just ONE BUCKAROO!


What happened next was *magical.* It was time to assemble our beautiful creation. Here’s the Walking Taco pre-queso…

Walking Taco

…and here we go pouring it in!

Oh Hello Beautiful

As expected, this $1 addition took the dish from good to AMAZING.



You already get the Walking Taco as-is (which is served piping hot by the way!). You get all the deliciousness of the crunchy Fritos (which managed to stay crunchy despite the added moisture of the queso), the well-seasoned beef, the beans, the rice (which might be a bit much in terms of serving size for some but does make the dish a little more filling), and the other toppings.

But the queso just takes it to a whole other level — adding another layer of flavor and creaminess to the whole thing. It also gave it more of a full-on nacho vibe, which we really enjoyed.

Getting Hungry Yet?

The flavors were spot on to begin with, with that well-seasoned beef, but the queso just made it better.

We used our ENTIRE side of queso because #science, but you could probably get away with just adding about half of it if you’re just looking for a hint more cheese. But, as our reporter said, why live your life with just hints of cheese when you can have a whole delicious pile of it?!

Oh Myyyyyy

If you’re a Tex-Mex fan and you’re looking for a quick on-the-go (or just fun!) meal, this could be a great pick. Just be warned that it can be a bit messy with all that assembly required.

Even if you don’t grab The Walking Taco, the true lesson here is to not forget about that side of queso at Pecos Bill! We’ve talked about it many times before but it’s one we’ve got to keep highlighting for those who don’t know about it. For just $1 you can get that queso and pour it on your other entrees from Pecos Bill (or elsewhere), your snacks, your pretzel, your popcorn (we aren’t judging), or ANYTHING YOU WANT. Just maybe don’t pour it on your DOLE Whip 😉 or do but absolutely tell us about it. 😂

So Good!

Pecos Bill also offers a side of guacamole for $2, and you can pick up a side of tortilla chips ($4.99), black beans ($4.49), and even yellow rice for $4.49. In other words, don’t forget about the SNACK options at quick service spots. These can be easily overlooked, but they can really take your meal to the next level in terms of flavor, or give you a cheap snack option in the parks.

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OH and you can click here to see how to hack a cinnamon roll ice cream sandwich — you’re welcome! Be sure to stay tuned for more snack tips and all kinds of reviews throughout Disney World.

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