Cinderella’s Carriage Is Now…a Donut? Try It in Disneyland!

We’re running around trying all the new World Princess Week snacks so that you know which ones are worth it in Disney World and Disneyland!

Aurora in Disneyland

There are loads of new snacks coming to all the parks and many Disney resorts, and we’ve already tried raspberry sparkle foam and a miniature Moana cake. To make sure we try everything there is to offer, we headed over to Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel in Disneyland to try out their Princess treats! 

It’s time to try the Princess Cupcake and Princess Carriage Donut at the Grand Californian Hotel Craftsman Grill! How will the treats in Disneyland Resort match up with what we’ve been trying in Disney World? Let’s find out.

Craftsman Grill

Let’s start with the Princess Cupcake for $7.50, which is a Vanilla Cupcake with Buttercream, topped with Sprinkles and an edible Crown. The cupcake was very moist (sorry, but we had to use that word) and had a nice vanilla flavor. The frosting was creamy and provided an even sweeter kick of vanilla. 

Make It Pink! Make It Blue!

If you dislike vanilla, then of course this treat may not be your style. But we enjoyed this one! It’s a very simple treat, but it’ll be great for kids or pickier eaters who want predictable but delicious flavors. If you prefer more exciting treats or more complex flavors, this will probably be a pass for you.

Cut Open!

Next, we tried the adorable Princess Carriage Donuta Cake Donut with White Chocolate Apples! The donut was dense and cakey, and again — packed with vanilla. The frosting was a simple sweet vanilla flavor…making it a pretty average donut (which, for the record, isn’t a bad thing). We’re not actually sure where those white chocolate apples come in — there weren’t any on our donut, and the Cast Member said the flavors are just vanilla.

In The Box!

If you’re a fan of donuts, then you’ll probably enjoy this Princess treat! And it’s also super cute…so bonus points. It’s a generous portion as well, so if you’re looking for a filling treat, this is a good choice. You can grab this for $7.50.

Carriage Donut

Both of these treats are available through August 27th. If you’re visiting the parks this week, you can try some of these treats yourselves, or meet the princesses to celebrate with them in person. You can also grab some special merchandise online and celebrate at home. Regardless of how you celebrate, keep an eye on DFB for all the latest World Princess Week news.

Check out all the treats that are coming to the parks for World Princess Week right here!

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