Chandu, Mickey, and Minnie in Arabian Coast Feature on Tokyo DisneySea 21st Anniversary Merchandise Arriving September 4

Salaam, and welcome to a land filled with gold from tales of old. As we march onward, following the dream of a land in the sand, we find ourselves in Arabian Coast, tucked in the back corner of Tokyo DisneySea (at least until Fantasy Springs opens next year). And it so happens that this year’s Tokyo DisneySea 21st Anniversary merchandise focuses on that mythical oasis home to the Genie, Sindbad, and Chandu. All of these items will be released on September 4th at Emporio.

Postcard – ¥250 ($1.85)

TDS21stAnniversaryMerchandise 1

The key art for this year features Mickey and Minnie sailing on a boat for Arabian Coast. Their costumes are new, differing from their previously-seen Arabian Coast outfits.

A4 Folder – ¥300 ($2.22)

TDS21stAnniversaryMerchandise 2
TDS21stAnniversaryMerchandise 3

The map on the back shows Fortress Explorations, Lost River Delta, and the arch at the entrance of Arabian Coast from Mermaid Lagoon.

Can Badge – ¥350 ($2.59)

TDS21stAnniversaryMerchandise 4

Drawstring Bag – ¥850 ($6.30)

TDS21stAnniversaryMerchandise 5
TDS21stAnniversaryMerchandise 6

Ballpoint Pen – ¥1800 ($13.33)

TDS21stAnniversaryMerchandise 7
TDS21stAnniversaryMerchandise 8

This particular item represents a prop on Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage, where Sindbad unlocks the oversized lock to giant’s cage with a feather.

Notebook – ¥2200 ($16.30)

TDS21stAnniversaryMerchandise 10
TDS21stAnniversaryMerchandise 11

Pin – ¥1100 ($8.15)

TDS21stAnniversaryMerchandise 12

Jasmine’s Flying Carpets Die-Cast Tomica – ¥1600 ($11.85)

TDS21stAnniversaryMerchandise 13
TDS21stAnniversaryMerchandise 14

Planetarium – ¥3200 ($23.70)

TDS21stAnniversaryMerchandise 15
TDS21stAnniversaryMerchandise 16

We haven’t seen a planetarium in quite some time, the last time being for the 18th Anniversary merchandise in 2019 themed to Fortress Explorations. This one shows off stars, clouds, and the vignette of Sindbad and Chandu riding home atop a whale in Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage.

Mickey Stuffed Badge – ¥2500 ($18.52)

TDS21stAnniversaryMerchandise 17

Minnie Stuffed Badge – ¥2500 ($18.52)

TDS21stAnniversaryMerchandise 18

Mug – ¥1500 ($11.11)

TDS21stAnniversaryMerchandise 19
TDS21stAnniversaryMerchandise 20

Chandu Banana Pillow – ¥3500 ($25.92)

TDS21stAnniversaryMerchandise 21

Washcloth – ¥780 ($5.78)

TDS21stAnniversaryMerchandise 22

Watch – ¥8900 ($65.92)

TDS21stAnniversaryMerchandise 23
TDS21stAnniversaryMerchandise 24

Shoulder Bag – ¥3200 ($23.70)

TDS21stAnniversaryMerchandise 25
TDS21stAnniversaryMerchandise 26

Stuffed Wristband – ¥2500 ($18.52)

TDS21stAnniversaryMerchandise 27
TDS21stAnniversaryMerchandise 28

All of these Tokyo DisneySea 21st Anniversary merchandise items will be available at Emporio and on the Tokyo Disney Resort App starting September 4th. Will you be adding Mickey, Minnie, and Chandu in Arabian Coast to your collection? Let us know in the comments below!

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