An In-Depth Review of Hook’s Barbery Aboard the Disney Wish

Say what you want about Captain Hook, but the man was well groomed. His mustache was always on point, and his randomly appearing 5 o’clock shadow was always dealt with quickly and professionally. Aboard the Disney Wish, you can learn his grooming tricks and skincare routine in a salon inspired by his private quarters aboard the Jolly Roger, Hook’s Barbery. Perhaps a youth spent hearing about the exploits of Barbary pirates inspired him to pursue two parallel careers, and nobody had the heart to point out the spelling differences. At any rate, Hook’s Barbery is a jewel aboard the Disney Wish, and we went there for the full experience. Beards, barbers, and secret bar, this small enclave has it all, even if its logistics are a bit tricky.

IMG 7151
Tom Corless relaxes for his facial at Hook’s Barbery aboard the Disney Wish

Old Fashioned

Once the bartender has created the drink, it is then inserted into a glass dome, which the bartender fills with smoke to give a smoky flavor to the drink. All in all, it’s a great selection with great presentation. The pricing, I must admit, was a bit of a head scratcher. The drink with Woodford Double Oaked bourbon was $33.00, certainly a high price for a cocktail, but something that’s not surprising aboard a Disney Cruise Line ship. However, the same drink with Blanton’s was only $22.00. Blanton’s and Woodford Double Oaked have similar MSRP pricing, yet Blanton’s, an allocated spirit, is much harder to find in your local liquor stores. Pro tip: Get the Blanton’s while the getting is good. It’s also the second cheapest bourbon in the dining rooms, at only $13 a pour.

Disney Wish Bourbon Pricing Dinner
This menu from 1923 gives an idea of what bourbon prices are aboard the Disney Wish
Hooks Barbery Receipt
A puzzling price difference


hooks barbery 1245
Preparation area for cocktails


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