10 Things You NEED on Your Next Cruise (That You Won’t Think to Pack!)

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We are proud to say that quite a few of us are cruise-pros!

The Disney Wish

After compiling tips from our own experience and completing outside research, we are sharing with you these products so you can step up your cruise game.

Whether it’s your first time on the high seas or you have a few trips under your belt, you can probably find something here to add to your packing list!

Fancy Dress Outfits or Costumes

Some cruises have theme nights, so check ahead and plan a fun outfit so you can participate in the fun! Go all in with a full costume or just accessorize with a couple of pieces.

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We attended a Pirate Night on the new Disney Wish, and you can just grab a few accessories to throw on just for that evening to join in on the theme!

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Refillable Water Bottle

It’s common to find water stations across your ship, so keep a water bottle on you so you can take advantage of these and stay hydrated! Much better than having to purchase water or create more waste with paper cups.

Nefeeko Collapsible Water Bottle

We like this collapsible one because it’s perfect for travel! Expand when you’re ready to fill and collapse when empty. It also has a handy carabiner for clipping to your bags.

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Do not underestimate the power of air conditioning on a cruise ship! Even if you are traveling in the summer or planning a trip to a tropical area, pack some clothes for layering while you’re inside the ship.

Gildan Adult Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt

Also, even in warmer climates it can be pretty cold out on deck at night, so it’s better to be prepared than not. This one from Amazon has almost 100,000 reviews and comes in a ton of colors!

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Charging cables

While it may seem like a no-brainer to bring a charger with you, make sure you are bringing one where the cord can be disconnected from the block. Many rooms have USB and USBC ports in the rooms, so you can take advantage of the additional outlets to charge your devices.

Multi Charging Cable by YOUSAMS

If you have quite a few devices you’re bringing (or you’re sharing a room and outlets will be scarce) bring an adapter that can give you more ports so there are no fights over who gets to be plugged in!

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An old gift card

This may sound strange, but trust us! Many state rooms on cruise ships have a card slot that controls the lights in the room. Avoid accidentally leaving your room key in the slot and getting locked out by bringing an old card you don’t care about- it could be a gift card, old hotel room key, or membership card.

First Bedroom

Trust us, you’ll be grateful you aren’t locked out when you return to your room after a long day of having fun!

Safety bands for kids 

If you want to give your kids some freedom on the ship but want to make sure they stay safe, this is a great addition to your cruise arsenal.

Safety Bands

These bands are waterproof and reusable, and you can write whatever information you wish on them! We suggest writing the name of a guardian, their cell, and your room number.

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Shower hooks 

These tiny hooks can be a HUGE help on your trip. They hook easily onto rails and are a great place to hang damp items like swimsuits and towels.

Shower Hooks

You can also use these as an additional form of storage by hanging a tote bag off of one and throwing your dirty laundry inside (and for cruise ships that have laundry facilities, we recommend bringing travel packets of detergent!).

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Beach towel clip

The deck can get pretty windy and the last thing you need while relaxing by the pool is your beach towel ending up gone with the wind! Enter beach towel clips, a lifesaving little tool that basically is like a chip clip for your towel.

Beach Towel Clips

They clamp onto your chair or lounge and can hold your towel, hat, or cover-up while you soak up the sun. We love this set of tropical birds that totally fits that cruise vacation vibe!

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No one likes to talk about it, but it’s better to broach the subject and be prepared as opposed to, uh, suffering the consequences. When spending several days in tight quarters with others, keep all bathroom activities confidential by bringing a bottle of Poo-Pourri for your trip.


This will help you avoid any embarrassing situations and keep everything fresh in a shared bathroom!

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Cruise staff thank you cards

We hope that everyone who serves you on your trip does a great job. But why not recognize those who go above and beyond with a little extra thank you?

Cruise Staff Thank You Cards

Bring a set of cards and envelopes to gift gratuities to those staff members who really help to make your trip special, and give them a little note to let them know how much you appreciate their hard work!

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Now you are all ready to set sail! 

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