Why This Suitcase Costs $1,400 😲 — and Where You Can Get Its Fancy Features for Less

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Gone are the days of ordinary, small carry-on suitcases that simply held your spare change of clothes in case your checked bag didn’t make it.

Time to pack!

You’d be surprised at all the bells and whistles some carry-ons feature now, from expanding sides to built in chargers! Of course, with great power comes great price tags (that’s the line Spidey never mentioned).

I don’t know about you, but a $1400 carry-on is definitely out of our budget! We investigated just what makes this suitcase so special and to see if it really is worth its four-figure sum.

Live in the year 3022

The Rydebot Cavallo Smart Ride-On Luggage is not JUST a suitcase. The main focus of this product is that with the press of a button it turns into a scooter you can ride on! Imagine yourself zooming down to your airport gate at a speedy 6.2 miles per hour without having to lug any bags around with you, because your bag IS your vehicle

Waving at all the people walking by

The Cavallo converts from luggage to motorized scooter by way of flipping out a front wheel and extending the handlebar. There are two bars on either side of the front wheel for you to set your feet while gliding in style throughout the terminal and features an easy brake system for safety. The product is made from “aviation-grade aluminum” with reinforcements that can support up to 220 pounds externally, and is powered by a lithium-ion motor. The 250-watt battery fully charges in 3 hours and can provide a cool ride for 9-12 miles on one battery charge. However- this battery is NOT TSA-approved! The product listing does suggest purchasing a TSA-compliant model like this one.

While the battery isn’t TSA-approved, this lock is

If that wasn’t enough for you, the Cavallo also has LED lights on the side and comes with a Bluetooth speaker. You could have a little mobile party wherever you go! If people aren’t already staring, they’ll be sure to steal a glance when you pass by and your bag is sporting your favorite colors and playing your best party playlist. Lastly, this suitcase comes with two built in USB ports for easy charging on the go, has a TSA-approved lock, is water and scratch resistant, and can hold 29.3 liters of storage (phew, quite the list!).

Decent amount of packing space

So, is it really worth the hefty price? Let’s break down the different aspects and how much the individual aspects are worth:

Scooter: Smart Riding Suitcase – $739.90 or (non-battery powered) iubest Scooter Luggage – $259.99

Any battery-powered smart riding suitcase will have a higher price tag than most other normal carry-ons, but this one is still significantly cheaper than the Cavallo. The smaller price tag also comes with a smaller battery; this suitcase can only go about 4 miles per hour maximum on its 100-watt battery.

Maybe not the biggest bargain but definitely less!

With the Smart Riding Suitcase you can also only get about 4 miles on one charge, less than half of the distance the Cavallo can support on a full battery. It’s up to you whether the lack of power is worth the savings!

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We also wanted to include an even cheaper version! If you still have a need for speed but don’t want to invest in a battery-powered suitcase, try one that’s based on a more traditional style of scooter. The iubest Scooter Luggage works for both adults and children, supporting up to 331lbs.

Takes us back to elementary school

It’s also roomier than the Cavallo by over 20 liters! Reviews commend this luggage for its durability and how it saved wear and tear on their legs on those long trips between airport terminals. For those who don’t mind putting the work in, why not try this scooter the next time you take a trip?

Click here to buy the ibuest Scooter Luggage!

TSA lock: Master Lock – $7.89

If you want to protect your belongings with a lock, you’ll need to get one that’s approved by the TSA. TSA-approved locks are actually a common offering on many pieces of luggage on sale today. If you find yourself without one though, this is a great choice.

Stop would-be thieves in their tracks

It’s durable enough to withstand the usual beatings that luggage takes, and comes in a variety of colors which can help you distinguish your luggage if you have to check it. This Master Lock also has over 13,000 Amazon ratings, with even locksmiths giving it five stars!

Click here to buy the TSA-Approved Master Lock!

LED lights: XYOP LED Strip Lights Battery Powered – $10.99

The easiest way to dress up your luggage! These LED strip lights are battery powered, so no worries about plugging them in.

Pimp My Suitcase!

With the RGB color palette the possibilities are endless. While they may not be the most practical thing, it’ll definitely make your carry-on easy to find when looking through the overhead bins. Plus, you would probably be the only one at the airport with a light show on your bag!

Click here to buy the XYOP LED Strip Lights Battery Powered!

USB ports: Wrangler Smart Spinner Carry-On Luggage – $65.69

Skip carrying a portable charger or opt for a backup with this Wrangler carry-on that features a USB charging port. The port is behind a holder that pops out, so you can place your phone in there while it’s charging without having to hold onto it while tethered to your suitcase. This spot also doubles as a cup holder, perfect for that airport Starbucks!

We love anything that gives us more hands for holding snacks!

It comes in some uncommon colors like orange and olive and includes a compression band inside to secure your items so they aren’t flopping around during transit. Spinning wheels pivot a full 360, and this carry-on expands in case you have to make some extra room for all those souvenirs you want to bring back!

Click here to buy the Wrangler Smart Spinner Carry-On Luggage!

Bluetooth speaker: JBL Clip 3 Bluetooth Speaker – $39.95

While it isn’t fully built in to a suitcase, this portable Bluetooth speaker can easily be clipped on to any bag, which means you can also detach it and bring it with you whenever you need some tunes! The JBL Speaker has up to 10 hours of play time on one charge and comes in a ton of fun colors.

How cute is this teal color?

Reviewers say that despite its tiny size it has great sound quality and it’s waterproof! Catch us using this to jam out at the pool for sure!

Click here to buy the JBL Clip 3 Bluetooth Speaker!

Total: $384.51 (with the cheaper suitcase)

Individually the parts come out to be roughly 27% the cost of the Cavallo! That’s over $1,000 in savings!! If you are only looking for specific attributes of the Cavallo, you’re probably better off just purchasing those separately (I think a few more of us could enjoy having some fun decorating our suitcases with LED lights!). However, if you’re looking for a top of the line carry-on and have that kind of money to drop, you’re going to be hard pressed to find another suitcase that has ALL of those amenities in one. 

If you do buy the Cavallo, give us a wave while you glide effortlessly past us to your airport gate. 

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