Vloggers With COVID-19 Reportedly Visit Disneyland, Hundreds Sign Petition For Disney to Stop Them

According to Reddit user diskneelvr, some Disney influencers sick with COVID-19 were planning on visiting Disneyland today to ride Pirates of the Caribbean after it reopened. Diskneelvr shared a screenshot of the sick vloggers, seemingly from a video.

The influencers are Katie Slockbower and Spencer Emmons of “Best Life and Beyond.” A Change.org petition calls for “Disney [to] remove Best Life and Beyond from being able to Video in your Parks.”

According to the petition, Slockbower in particular “continues to break park rules and harass and attack park goers while recording her vlog posts at the park.”

The petition references Slockbower mocking a disabled guest riding a scooter in one of her videos. It also mentions Slockbower, who is white, attacking an African American family, including children, on the Mark Twain riverboat.

Reddit users also referenced Slockbower claiming another guest assaulted her after she was “coughed on.” Reddit user winnmab describes that video, which has since been taken down:

“Basically she was hawking some merch on the Columbia during a live stream and kept showing the other guests. This gentleman cleared his throat and said, “don’t give these grifters any money” when she walked by. She had him interrogated and thrown out of Disneyland with his kid claiming he assaulted her.”

The man got the video removed because she showed his child’s face without his permission.

Reddit user No_Point_6996 describes an encounter with the influencers:

“I got stuck behind them last year on the Fourth of July at the plaza inn. They were at the front of the line and wouldn’t let anyone else get their food because they kept reshooting saying happy Fourth of July multiple times. If you go back and watch the video from them on last Fourth of July when they’re at the plaza inn I’m literally right behind them. I’m not on camera but I was starving and they wouldn’t move away from the counter where you get chicken and pasta.”

“She has a history of making false claims against guests at the park,” the petition, created by Stephanie Fox, reads. “She uses staff and security at the park as a weapon and constantly video’s about how she will use them against park goers.”

Fox also references Slockbower selling and promoting her products, even asking for money in the parks.

“Her attitude and actions [go] directly against the values and magic of Disney and they need to be stopped for creating videos inside the park that are meant to intimidate guests and promote selling of their personal merchandise,” Fox writes.

We don’t yet know if the couple did visit Disneyland today. Pirates of the Caribbean is currently closed after several breakdowns this morning.

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