UPDATE: Some Guests Arrested, Some Banned From Walt Disney World After Magic Kingdom Brawl

A guest involved in yesterday’s Magic Kingdom brawl has reached out to us again letting us know that their family has been banned from Walt Disney World and guests from the other family involved were arrested.

Magic Kingdom brawl

The fight happened outside Mickey’s PhilharMagic at Magic Kingdom. According to the guest who first contacted us yesterday, the family wearing matching shirts pushed a guest from the other family when in line for the show. After exiting, the familing in matching shirts waited outside the theater to confront the other family. The confrontation turned into a shouting match and eventually a physical fight before Walt Disney World security intervened and escorted the guests away for statements. One member of the family who reached out to us was taken away in an ambulance due to a large cut on his chin. Others had cuts and bruises.

The same guest messaged us around midnight last night to say that their family had been trespassed (banned) and two members of the matching shirt family were arrested.

“We got banned from Disney forever unless we contact the head,” they wrote. “2 people from other party got arrested and the rest left, no one from our fam was arrested yet and they still have us here. They r making us leave our resort which is riviera even though we are here for another 2 weeks. We have to leave Disney property including typhoon lagoon, and disney springs.”

It sounds like the family would be able to contest the ban with Walt Disney World leaders.

From guests waiting for “Fantasmic!” at Disneyland to the ferry boats at the Magic Kingdom, incidents of guest violence have exploded since the COVID-19 pandemic, with more than a half dozen reports in the past year alone.

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