The Hidden Detail You Shouldn’t Miss on Disney’s New Mega Ship

Consider yourself to be a Disney expert? Think you’ve found ALL the hidden details around the parks, resorts, and even on the Cruise Line? Well, we’ve got details on something NEW you’ve probably never seen!

On board the Disney Wish!

We got the chance to hop on Disney’s brand NEW mega cruise ship — the Disney Wish — and explore everything it has to offer. From a new Frozen dining experience to a Marvel restaurant unlike any Marvel experience they’ve offered before — the Wish has it all. And it has hidden details too! There’s one particular detail we walked past during our time on the ship that we just HAD to share with you.

There are a LOT of things to look at on the Disney Wish.

Cinderella’s Glass Slipper

You could spend a long time in Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure hunting for references to the popular Frozen films.

Look at the Dolls!

Or you could admire some of the amazing things over in the kids clubs.

Marvel Super Hero Academy

As you stroll through the hallways, you’ll also see artwork and other details scattered throughout the ship. There are tons that we could point out, but there’s one in particular that caught our eye.

If you aren’t careful, you could walk right past it! It’s a piece of artwork featuring multiple princesses helping each other up and over what appears to be some kind of cliff/obstacle.

Disney Wish Artwork

The artwork comes from Nikkolas Smith. He is a former Imagineer and now an author, New York Times Best Selling Illustrator, and speaker.


You may recognize him from his work on the “King Chad” mural, which honored Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman. This mural was placed in Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort in 2020.


According to a post on his Twitter, this new artwork on Disney Cruise Line is called “Cindys.” In talking about it it, Nikkolas shares, “Shoutout to every woman rising up after getting knocked down…The strength of Women is unmatched.”

In the painting, you can see what appear to be multiple princesses (perhaps multiple Cinderellas) all in their finest gowns, helping one another up. Some princesses are lifting others from the ground, others are pulling them up from above.

©Nikkolas Smith | Disney Cruise Line

The painting feels particularly appropriate to be titled “Cindys” on a ship that features Cinderella as the gold statue in the atrium (“Grand Hall”)…


…and has an entire Grand Hall inspired by the magical moment when Cinderella’s outfit transforms into her iconic gown.

The Stage in the Grand Hall

It’s just another reminder that sometimes you’ve really got to slow down and take in the images around you, or you might miss some details that are hiding in plain sight! Want to learn more about what you’ll find on the Wish? Click here to explore the exclusive merchandise on the ship, join us for our Pirate Night adventure on the Wish, or click here to see EVERYTHING we tried at the Star Wars lounge on the ship.

The Wish is set to go on its maiden voyage soon, on July 14th.

If you want to know EVERYTHING you need to know about the Wish, click here for our FULL coverage from our time aboard!

We’ll keep an eye out for more Disney news and we’ll be sure to share all of that with you!

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