Star Wars: Cargo Bay in Oceaneer Club of Disney Wish May Change With New ‘Star Wars’ Stories

According to The Direct, the Star Wars: Cargo Bay inside the Oceaneer Club of the Disney Wish may evolve to fit into different “Star Wars” stories as new movies and series are released.

Disney’s Oceaneer Club aboard all Disney Cruise Line ships is for children 3 to 12. The Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy both have “Star Wars” areas in their Oceaneer Clubs, and the Disney Wish has joined them with Star Wars: Cargo Bay.


In Star Wars: Cargo Bay, kids take on the important role of creature handlers as they learn to manage various creatures, including porgs and Loth-cats. During the interactive “Star Wars: Creature Challenge” experience, the caretakers are put to the test as they help feed the creatures and encounter some dangerous beings. Right now, Cargo Bay is set in approximately the same time period as Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, with Chewbacca and Rey making appearances.

But, according to Show Director Tony Giordano, Star Wars: Cargo Bay’s storyline may change with the release of new “Star Wars” material.

“What’s really neat about the Cargo Bay,” Giordano told The Direct’s Savannah Sanders, “is anything can come to life here because we never know what we can find in any of the crates. So, the idea that we’re on a ship to anywhere — right now the idea is we’re on our way to Batuu — but we can honestly go anywhere. And as the stories continue to grow in the Star Wars galaxy, we can change the storytelling.”

“So as stories grow in the series or the movies,” he continued, “the stories here can change as well. Right now, we’re following the story of Rey and Chewie… But again, as the storytelling changes, we can bring in a different character, and we can go down those storylines, because as you know, Star Wars has so many different timelines and so many different characters to pull from. You never know. That’s what’s really great about this kind of space, is that we can pull from anything, and we can tell any kind of stories we’d like.”

The Disney Wish had its christening on June 29 before setting off on a media cruise. It will have its maiden voyage on July 14.

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