REVIEW: Embrace the Spirit of Norway and Drink from a Horn at the Keg & Compass Pub Aboard the Disney Wish

Welcome aboard the Disney Wish! We would like you to join us as we explore the Keg & Compass, a Nordic-style pub resembling a traditional sailor’s map room. We found little secrets on the ceiling, incredible woodwork, and of course — alcoholic beverages. Let’s dive in.

Keg & Compass

Watch your head as you enter beneath the wood sign decorated with carved octopi and rich lettering.

Disney Wish Keg Compass 51 scaled

The lengthy room is decorated with a green and red tartan pattern

Disney Wish Keg Compass 54 scaled

A beautiful oil painting of a ship at sea greets you near the entrance.

Disney Wish Keg Compass 55 scaled

Fans of Maelstrom will recognize this small tribute to the extinct attraction. The sign reads, “You are not the first to pass this way, nor shall you be the last.”

Disney Wish Keg Compass 56 scaled

The table beneath the bar’s counter is decorated with leather suitcase drawers. Treasures are most certainly being kept there.

Disney Wish Keg Compass 9 scaled

Behind the tap is a golden porthole decorated with a wooden octopus. The clever sea creature holds a Mickey waffle in one tentacle and a chalice in another. Cheers!

Disney Wish Keg Compass 4 scaled
Disney Wish Keg Compass 47 scaled

A quiet nook in the corner holds an emerald green booth and several leather chairs.

Disney Wish Keg Compass 40 scaled

A framed sketch of the Nordic ghosts from Haunted Mansion sits on the wall here.

Disney Wish Keg Compass 41 scaled

One of the two portholes in the corner features two octopi sharing a Mickey premium bar.

Disney Wish Keg Compass 43 scaled

The other porthole is surrounded by just one octopus, holding a DOLE whip in one of his tentacles.

Disney Wish Keg Compass 44 scaled

Or perhaps it’s a Citrus Swirl!

Disney Wish Keg Compass 42 scaled

The ceiling is also covered in a Searfarer’s Map of the World with tiny details and nods to beloved Disney movies.

Disney Wish Keg Compass 34 scaled 1

The first of which we discovered was from “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,” a classic movie from 1954. The image shows Ned atop the Nautilus, readying a harpoon at the sea monster.

Disney Wish Keg Compass 30 scaled 1

The next is from a far more recent movie, “Moana,” featuring the volcanic Goddess, Te Kā. Each character is on the map in the location corresponding with the setting.

Disney Wish Keg Compass 28 scaled

Welcome to the EAC, dudes! In this scene, we see Crush and Squirt showing Marlin and Dory how to ride the currents.

Disney Wish Keg Compass 49 scaled

Here is Monstro from “Pinocchio.” Hopefully, you don’t run into him while on the high seas.

Disney Wish Keg Compass 48 scaled

Ursula revels in (short-lived) victory over Triton and Ariel in this scene.

Disney Wish Keg Compass 37 scaled 1

The worst pirate anyone has ever heard of — but hey, at least you’ve heard of him! — Captain Jack Sparrow steps off his sinking ship with a smirk on his face. So that’s where all the rum has gone!

Disney Wish Keg Compass 38 scaled 1

Last but certainly not least, is the very location from which the Disney Wish set sail — Florida! Three locations are marked off on the map: Celebration, Lake Buena Vista, and Port Canaveral.

Keg & Compass Menu

Disney Wish Keg Compass 57 scaled
Disney Wish Keg Compass 58 scaled
Disney Wish Keg Compass 1 scaled
Disney Wish Keg Compass 2 scaled
Disney Wish Keg Compass 15 scaled

Skall Sangria – $10

Lindeman’s Framboise, Twisted Tentacle Ale, Lillet Rose

Disney Wish Keg Compass 23 scaled 1
Disney Wish Keg Compass 19 scaled

The framboise is the dominant flavor here, essentially making this a carbonated raspberry juice with alcohol. It’s less sweet and more tart, not nectary, sugary, or syrupy. It’s an excellent cocktail, probably the best at this location.

Old Fashioned Glögg – $10

Port, Bourbon, Viking Spices

Disney Wish Keg Compass 12 scaled

A fine bourbon with hints of clove and nutmeg, which makes it feel like a holiday season beverage. It’s good, but this may turn off more seasoned Old Fashioned drinkers, who would be better served by stopping at Hook’s Barbery for one between 5-8 p.m. nightly.

Northern Lights – $13

Linie Aquavit, Mead, Lillet Blanc, Cointreau, Uncharted Lager

Disney Wish Keg Compass 17 scaled
Disney Wish Keg Compass 5 scaled

Despite the long list of ingredients, the lager is the dominant taste. The presentation can’t be beat as it is served in a giant glass horn. You can pick up the whole contraption to drink, or pull out the horn and sip if you are feeling adventurous.

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