REVIEW: 4 NEW Joffrey’s Drinks Released for the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival

Need something to quench your thirst while you explore the 2022 EPCOT Food &Wine Festival? Keep reading to see some of the new beverages from EPCOT’s latest festival!


EPCOT’s 2022 International Food & Wine Festival is officially underway and we’ve been making our way through the entire park to show you everything this Festival has to offer. From full menus for ALL of the Festival booths to a complete list of the concerts you’ll be able to catch (yes, Boyz II Men is coming back!), we’ve got you covered! Now, we’re taking you on a food adventure through EPCOT’s different Joffrey’s locations! Are these booths you absolutely have to visit, or ones you should definitely skip? Let’s find out together!


Over at the Canada Pavilion Joffrey’s location, you’ll find a variety of available items. The new festival drink is the Arctic Sunrise!

Arctic Sunrise Menu

The American Adventure Pavilion Joffrey’s has the new Mocha Madness drink for the festival!

Mocha Madness Menu

The Joffrey’s near Disney Traders has the Castaway Cold Brew for the Food & Wine Festival!

Castaway Cold Brew Menu

Over near Mission Space, the Joffrey’s has the Nitro Dreams!

Nitro Dreams Menu

All of these drinks are new, so we couldn’t wait to check them out!

Now that we’ve taken a look at the menu, let’s dive into the drinks themselves!


First up, we got the Arctic Sunrise at the Canada Pavilion Joffrey’s. This drink was a cool citrus treat with passion fruit over ice and coconut syrup for $6.39. So we were expecting it to taste like POG juice, but it didn’t, so that was a bit of a letdown. The prominent flavor is mostly artificial coconut, which also makes it VERY sweet. There is SOME tartness from the passionfruit, but we think it needed just a bit more.

Arctic Sunrise

However, we’ll say this — on a hot day in Florida, this is still a good option. It’s very refreshing and can give you a sugar rush if you need it. A boozy version with Bacardi Tropical Rum for $13.99.

Arctic Sunrise

Next, we tried the Mocha Madness from the American Adventure Pavilion Joffrey’s! This drink was a frozen cappuccino blended with chocolate syrup. There’s a non-alcoholic version for $6.39, but a boozy version is available with Godiva Chocolate Liqueur for $13.99.

Mocha Madness

This is the PERFECT drink for the hot weather. The cappuccino flavor is strong, and the dark chocolate flavor just lingers on your tongue. Our only complaint is that we wish it were MORE frozen, but that’s not a deal breaker. In fact, this is probably one of the best frozen cappuccino drinks we’ve had in a LONG time.

Mocha Madness

Over by Disney Traders, we tried the Castaway Cold Brew! This had Joffrey’s Shakin’ Jamaican Nitro and sweet cream for $6.39.

Castaway Cold Brew

It’s DELICIOUS. The coffee taste is there, but you get a nice sweetness and creaminess from the sweet cream. There’s nothing really EXOTIC about this drink, but as an afternoon pick-me-up (which WE DESPERATELY NEEDED), it’s a solid beverage choice! A boozy version is also available with Grey Goose Vodka and Kahlúa Liqueur for $13.99.

Castaway Cold Brew

The last Joffrey’s drink we wanted to try tried was over by Mission Space, and it was called Nitro Dreams! This drink has Joffrey’s Shakin’ Jamaican Nitro Cold Brew, Irish cream syrup, and half & half topped with cream for $6.39.

Nitro Dream

Although this coffee is really good, we’re not sure we’d get it again, at least not when it’s so hot out. It warms up really fast and then becomes a not-so-cold brew drink. We also expected the flavor combination to be weird, but it was quite delicious! You can get a  boozy version of this drink with Angel’s Envy Bourbon for $13.99.

Nitro Dream

Those are all of the festival drinks at Joffrey’s!


Cold and frozen drinks are just about the perfect thing for hot days at the EPCOT Food & Wine Festival, and this year’s beverages from Joffrey’s did NOT disappoint. You can’t really go wrong with any of these drinks because they all offer a nice and refreshing break from the summer heat.

Do any of these drinks sound good to you? There’s so much to try at the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival this year, and we have everything you need to go in prepared! Check out all of the FULL menus for all of the food booths this year, click here to see a list of all of the NEW items coming to the Festival, and click here to see how EPCOT has UPGRADED its cheese crawl 


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