Poutine? Good. EPCOT’s Braised Beef Poutine with Boursin Garlic Cheese? EPIC.

Yes, we really are eating our way ALL around the 2022 EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival!

Refreshment Port

Can you blame us, though? There is so MUCH amazing food to try out. So far, we’ve been to Germany, Mexico, Italy, and Canada, just to name a few (you can see all of our reviews right here!). And now, we’re going over to Refreshment Port, which is hosted by Boursin Cheese (wait, did we say CHEESE? Yes, we did!).


Refreshment Port is located right before you get to the Canada pavilion coming from the front of EPCOT. This location isn’t just used for festivals — it has other food as well. But, there are some special items on the menu just for Food and Wine. The Braised Beef Poutine is back at this location for the festival, along with the Maple Cheesecake!

Refreshment Port menu

The only thing that’s actually new here is one of the drinks, so we’ll definitely be trying that out. But, let’s look at the eats first!


Here’s a look at what we got!

Booth spread

The Braised Beef Poutine is back! It’s made with French fries, Boursin Garlic & Fine Herbs Cheese Sauce, cheese curds, and gherkin relish and costs $9.50.

Braised Beef Poutine

This is AMAZING. It was one of our favorites last year and it’s one of our favorites again. This is such a great savory dish to help you break up sugary treats or drinks throughout your day. You also get an incredible portion of food, especially for the price! For under $10, you get a boatload of food that’s shareable and could honestly be a great quick lunch.


The Boursin cheese sauce melts into the top and adds moisture while the fries soak up all those tasty beef flavors. The cheese curds wren’t that warm, but the braised beef heats everything up. And, the beef tasted like a lot of care and attention went into making it (AKA it was delish). The only thing we didn’t love was that gherkin relish on top, just because we don’t think this dish needed it! But, it does add some acidity if that’s what you’re looking for.

We definitely recommend

The Maple Cheesecake with whipped maple bourbon cheese and candied pecans is also back this year for $4.50. First of all, we have to say that this treat holds up super well in the heat! It didn’t completely melt and it kept its shape, which, if you know how that Florida heat is, is very impressive.


The cheesecake tastes like real maple syrup and not artificial at all. It is the main flavor here though, so if you’re not a maple fan, this isn’t for you! We do wish we could’ve tasted a little more of that cream cheese flavor.

Maple Cheesecake

The crust on the bottom of this is made of lady fingers, which we found to be really nice! It makes the dessert light and was untraditional in a great way. The pecans on top added a nice crunch, too. If you want a light dessert that’s refreshing while still being sweet, or you want something to share, this is a great option!

A wonderful little treat

Now let’s look at the drinks!


There’s a new cocktail to try this year, and we are ALL over it. It’s the Frozen Mango Martini for $11. It’s made with Boyd & Blair Vodka with mango nectar and lemon.

Mango Martini

Oh my goodness is this thing STRONG! We were taken aback when we took our first sip. You can taste the vodka right away! But, the mango nectar really did help balance this out with a little sweetness. We did not, however, get much acidity from the lemon at all in this drink.

Watch out for this one!

We would say this drink is better to have when it’s a little bit cooler in the day, because having it in the extreme heat is a little too much to handle with how boozy it is. It is a good bang for your buck since it’s strong, but it’s not a balanced cocktail. If you like strong drinks, this is where it’s at. Or, you can share with a friend!


Overall, there are some super tasty options over at Refreshment Port! It’s worth stopping by and checking out if you enjoy any of these flavors we mentioned. There are some hearty options if you’re really hungry, or great items to share with others. And if you get that Mango Martini, you’re definitely going to NEED some of those hearty options. But, if you get one thing here, we definitely wouldn’t miss out on the poutine if we were you!

Refreshment Port

We’re going to keep eating everything at the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival, so be sure to keep up with all our reviews, which are available here. Also, don’t forget that you can also get a free printable to help you navigate all the food booth menus!

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