PHOTOS: Try Out Disney’s NEW Car Locator Service With Us!

We’re all about letting technology do the work for us.


Why manually order our meals when we can Mobile Order? Why meticulously plan out our day when Disney Genie can do it for us?  Why look up information ourselves when “Hey, Disney!” has all the answers (soon, that is)? You get the point. Disney has been adding a lot of technology to the parks lately. And if you’re prone to losing your car in the parking lots (we’re guilty of this one all the time), you’ll want to check out the newest feature on the My Disney Experience App!

Picture this — you’re heading back to your car after a long, fun day in the parks. And…uh oh…where’s your car? While you could just write down where you parked, that’s so 2021. We’d rather let the My Disney Experience App do the work for us. If you update the app on your phone, you should see the new Car Locator feature.


We tried out the new Car Locator feature today at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. When we parked, it allowed us to press the “Save Vehicle Location” button or manually enter the car’s location ourselves. If you use “Save Vehicle Location,” the app will use your current location to get information about your car’s whereabouts.


When it was time to find our car at the end of the day, we opened the app back up, chose the Car Locator feature again, and BAM! It showed us our car’s saved location. How simple is this? Now, if it automatically chooses your location, and it’s incorrect, you can adjust the location


…and lot as needed.


Keep in mind that this feature works best when you have your Location Services, Bluetooth, and notifications enabled. So be sure to try this feature out next time you drive to the parks. In the meantime, check out the other things you can do on the My Disney Experience App, like mobile ordering food, mobile merchandise checkout, and the various Disney Genie features.

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