Old ‘Welcome to Epcot’ Signs Removed From Main Park Entrance

Various signs have been removed from the main entrance to EPCOT, including “Welcome to Epcot” signs that featured an old logo for the park.

Here’s a look at one of these signs, which hung from the ceilings near the ticket booths. “Welcome to” was in white lettering, while “Epcot” (with mostly lowercase letters) was in large colorful lettering with a globe in the “o.”

The park’s name is now usually stylized in all uppercase letters.

There were two of these hanging signs. Both are now gone.

We can barely see where they used to hang.

There are some fresh paint spots at their old locations.

Meanwhile, the two transportation signs are gone from next to this ticket booth, near the Monorail station. These signs were silver and blue. One pointed to the buses, while the other advertised the Monorail.

“Epcot” was also mostly lowercase on these signs.

Stanchions surround the old location of one of these signs.

The pavement has been replaced and is a fresh dark pink.

A Monorail Cast Member told us that new signs that are also gray and blue would be installed soon. Presumably, the new signs will read “EPCOT” in all uppercase letters.

How do you feel about these signs being removed/replaced? Let us know in the comments.

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