New Cinderella Castle 50th Anniversary, ‘Star Wars’ 45th Anniversary, Mickey Mouse, and More Pins at Walt Disney World

Several new pins have arrived at Walt Disney World this week, including some new limited edition 50th anniversary pins. There are also new “Star Wars” 45th anniversary pins, Mickey Mouse pins, and much more. Check it all out below.

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” Pin Set – $29.99

This set includes four pins.

One is of Sally working on her potions.

Jack leans out from behind a tombstone.

Zero flies around a jack-o’-lantern.

And Oogie Boogie stands next to one of his spiral spinners. We found this set in Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe at Magic Kingdom.

Alice in Wonderland Pin – $9.99

This pin depicts Alice lounging with her cat, Dinah, against a giant stack of books.

The books have playing card symbols, and the top one is titled “Flowers Can’t Talk.”

This pin and the one below were in the Emporium at Magic Kingdom.

Cheshire Cat Pin – $9.99

This one features the Cheshire Cat lounging in a purple tree.

Signs below the cat read, “Don’t step on the Mome Raths.”

Pizza Planet Pin Set – $17.99

This “flair” set includes two Pizza Planet-inspired pins. We found it in Fantasia at Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

One reads, “Ooohh! Pizza!” A piece of pizza with a “Toy Story” alien hangs from the pin.

The other pin is layered circles, reading “My world revolves around pizza.” The center circle resembles both a pizza and a planet, with little alien heads all over it. A spaceship blasts across it.

Limited Edition Characters on Parade Simba Pin – $19.99

The latest “Characters on Parade” pin features Simba.

The front is golden and 3D sculpted with Simba’s face.

Simba stands on Pride Rock inside the pin. This is inspired by The Lion King Celebration parade, which ran from 1994 to 1997 at Disneyland.

It has a limited edition size of 2,750.

We found these next Mickey few pins at Star Traders in Magic Kingdom.

“Brave Little Tailor” Mickey Pin – $12.99

This one features Mickey in his “Brave Little Tailor” outfit, complete with a giant pair of scissors.

He is set against a shield emblem.

“The Band Concert” Mickey – $12.99

On this pin, Mickey is ready to lead a concert in his band leader’s uniform.

Steamboat Willie Pin – $9.99

A cute version of Mickey drives Steamboat Willie on this black-and-white pin.

“One Hundred and One Dalmatians” Pin – $17.99

Next up, this “One Hundred and One Dalmatians” pin was also in Star Traders.

It features Roger at the piano, with Anita behind him. A dalmatian puppy sits on the piano. The Colonel, Sergeant Tibbs, Jasper, Horace, and Nanny are also on the pin.

Disgust Pin – $9.99

We found several pins in BouTiki over at Disney’s Polynesian Resort.

This one features Disgust from “Inside Out” and the sparkly words “Whoa, too much enthusiasm.”

“Coco” Pin Set – $17.99

This set includes two pins: one of Miguel and one of his grandmother, the eponymous Coco.

Both are in a minimalist art style, with flowers around them.

“Coco” Héctor Pin – $9.99

These next two “Coco” pins are more in the style of the film.

Héctor is featured, in his skeletal form, playing guitar. The triangular background is patterned with colorful skulls.

“Coco” Miguel Pin – $9.99

This pin matches, with Miguel playing guitar against the same background.

This pin was in Frontier Trading Post at Magic Kingdom.

The Incredibles Pin – $12.99

Also at Frontier Trading Post was this pin featuring the Incredibles family.

Dash slides across the pin slightly.

“Nifty Nineties” Mickey Pin – $9.99

Mickey is dressed dapperly in a brown suit and boater on this pin. This is the outfit he wears in the “Nifty Nineties” film.

We found this and the rest of the pins below at Pin Traders in Disney Springs.

Limited Release Dapper Dans Funko Pin – $15.99

This pin features the four Dapper Dans in a Funko POP! style.

They are each holding a Mickey balloon in their corresponding color.

Stars and music notes float behind them.

Limited Release “Lightyear” Mystery Pin Set – $24.99

One of these mystery boxes contains two random pins from a ten pin collection.

The box shows the ten pins, which all resemble Star Command patches.

Buzz and Sox are each featured on a pin, too.

Limited Release “Star Wars” Mystery Pin Collection – $19.99

This pin collection is inspired by vintage “Star Wars” trading cards.

One box contains two randomly selected pins.

There are eight pins in the collection.

The pins feature Chewbacca, Leia, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke, Stormtroopers, Han, Darth Vader, and R2-D2 and C-3PO.

There are three new limited release pins for the 45th anniversary of “Star Wars.”

Limited Release “Star Wars” 45th Anniversary Darth Vader Pin – $17.99

This one is shaped like a TIE Fighter, but the image is that of Darth inside his TIE Fighter’s cockpit.

Limited Release “Star Wars” 45th Anniversary Slider Pin – $17.99

This pin features a silver bar atop a gold medallion.

The bar has the “Star Wars 45” logo. It slides up to reveal “May the Force be with you” on the gold piece.

Limited Release “Star Wars” 45th Anniversary Millennium Falcon Pin – $17.99

This pin is shaped like the Millennium Falcon.

The image inside is of Chewbacca, Luke, Han, and Obi-Wan in the Falcon’s cockpit.

Limited Edition “Star Wars” 45th Anniversary Jumbo Pin – $99.99

This limited edition jumbo pin resembles an original poster for “Star Wars.”

Darth Vader’s helmet looms in the background, while Luke and Leia stand in the foreground. It has a limited edition size of 1,550.

Limited Edition “Star Wars” 45th Anniversary Pin Set – $44.99

This set includes two pins, one representing the Dark Side and the other the Light Side.

The Dark Side pin features Darth Vader and two Stormtroopers. A sparkly gold version of the Empire logo is in the background.

Both pins have the “Star Wars 45” logo on a plaque at the bottom.

The Light Side pin features Luke, Leia, and Han in front of the Rebellion logo. This set has a limited edition size of 3,100.

Limited Release 50th Anniversary Cinderella Castle Pin – $17.99

This circular pin has a light blue background. The retro Walt Disney World “D” logo is at the top.

A 3D sculpted version of Cinderella Castle is in the center.

Limited Edition “15 Years” Pin – $19.99

This pin is part of an ongoing series featuring imagery from various Walt Disney World anniversaries. It reads “15 Years” across the silhouettes of Cinderella Castle and Spaceship Earth.

Mickey stands to the side, and “Walt Disney World” is across the bottom.

Limited Edition 50th Anniversary Hollywood Studios Pin Set – $125

This set includes six pins representing Disney’s Hollywood Studios. They are all in the 50th anniversary colors of blue, gold, and purple.

The pins are of the Tower of Terror, Rex from “Toy Story,” the Pixar ball, Kermit, a Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway train, and the Millennium Falcon.

It has a limited edition size of 1,500.

Limited Edition Cinderella Castle Pin – $39.99

Finally, this pin is the latest in a series featuring Cinderella Castle in different colors with different decorations.

The front of the pin is 3D sculpted.

This one is a shiny pink-purple, with the castle’s 50th anniversary decorations.

“Walt Disney World” is across a brick-like background on the bottom.

It opens with a hinge.

Each of these pins shows a different scene from “Cinderella” inside. This one has Cinderella and Prince Charming in their carriage after getting married.

The 50th anniversary logo is also on the inside.

This has a limited edition size of 3,000.

Happy Birthday Pin – $12.99

This pin features Mickey with a pink and yellow birthday cake. It reads “Happy Birthday” along the bottom and comes in cake-inspired packaging. This was in the Darkroom at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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