Merchandise Roundup 07/28/2022: Obi-Wan Kenobi Phone Case, Toy Story Land Apparel, Princess Tiana Oven Mitts and Apron, and More

Welcome to the merchandise roundup for July 28, 2022! Each new day brings new merchandise to Walt Disney World, and we know you don’t want to miss a thing, so we gather new releases here. Today we visited Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney Springs, and Disney’s Contemporary Resort; let’s look at our discoveries.

Obi-Wan vs. Darth Vader Phone Case – $29.99

merch roundup 07.24.22 0

This case features Obi-Wan and Darth Vader battling with their lightsabers.

merch roundup 07.24.22 1
merch roundup 07.24.22 2

We found this case in the Darkroom at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

merch roundup 07.24.22 34

It’s also available for customization in MaDe kiosks throughout Walt Disney World.

Ann Shen Poster Calendar – $26.99

merch roundup 07.24.22 4

This 12-month poster calendar features illustrations by Ann Shen.

merch roundup 07.24.22 8

Marie from “The Aristocats” is featured on the front, along with pink roses.

merch roundup 07.24.22 9
merch roundup 07.24.22 12
merch roundup 07.24.22 10
merch roundup 07.24.22 11

The twelve posters are pictured on the back.

merch roundup 07.24.22 7

The calendar isn’t just inspired by “The Aristocats” — although there are four “The Aristocats” illustrations. There is artwork inspired by “it’s a small world,” “Alice in Wonderland, “Mulan,” “Moana,” and more.

merch roundup 07.24.22 13

This was also in the Darkroom at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Mickey Mouse Drawstring Backpack – $24.99

merch roundup 07.24.22 20

At Disney & Co., we found this blue drawstring backpack.

merch roundup 07.24.22 21

It’s patterned all over with images of Mickey lounging, eating ice cream, and leaning against his name.

merch roundup 07.24.22 22

It has a small zip pocket on the front.

merch roundup 07.24.22 23
merch roundup 07.24.22 26

“Hawkeye” Lucky the Pizza Dog Plush – $26.99

merch roundup 07.24.22 28

Lucky the Pizza Dog, as seen in “Hawkeye” on Disney+, is now available in plush form.

merch roundup 07.24.22 27

He’s a one-eyed golden retriever who loves pizza. A slice of pizza hangs from the plush’s mouth.

merch roundup 07.24.22 32

The plush includes a purple collar with a “Lucky” tag.

merch roundup 07.24.22 29
merch roundup 07.24.22 33
merch roundup 07.24.22 31

Lucky was in Keystone Clothiers.

Stitch Planter – $34.99

merch roundup 07.25.22 38

This planter features Stitch against a yellow polka-dot background. On one side, he’s pictured holding a coconut drink.

merch roundup 07.25.22 37

On the other side, he’s surfing.

merch roundup 07.25.22 36

The stoneware planter comes on a wood stand.

merch roundup 07.25.22 39

This was in Once Upon A Time at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Thor Magnet – $14.99

merch roundup 07.25.22 42

This magnet features Thor wearing his golden and blue helmet, against a blue background.

merch roundup 07.25.22 44

All three of these “Thor: Love and Thunder” magnets were in Keystone Clothiers.

Mighty Thor Magnet – $14.99

merch roundup 07.25.22 43

Mighty Thor is pictured with her helmet against a red background on this magnet.

merch roundup 07.25.22 41

Valkyrie Magnet – $14.99

merch roundup 07.25.22 40

This magnet reads “All hail King Valkyrie.” Above the words, Valkyrie flies on her winged horse.

50th Anniversary Shirt – $39.99

50th shirt

We found this 50th anniversary shirt at Celebrity 5&10. It’s light pink, with darker pink Mickey heads and stars across it.

50th shirt 1
50th shirt 3

The golden silhouette of Cinderella Castle and “Walt Disney World” is on the left breast, with a “50” in the center.

50th shirt 2

Toy Story Land Tee – $29.99

toy story apparel 2

This teal green shirt features Buzz, Jessie, and Woody.

toy story apparel 3
toy story apparel 1

It has a Toy Story Land tag on the sleeve.

toy story apparel 0

This and the other Toy Story Land shirts below were in Mickey’s of Hollywood.

Toy Story Land Raglan – $36.99

toy story apparel 7

This shirt has a white torso and teal green sleeves.

toy story apparel 5

The silhouettes of the main “Toy Story” characters stand among orange, yellow, and teal stripes across the front.

toy story apparel 8
toy story apparel 4
toy story apparel 6

Youth Toy Story Land AOP Tee – $24.99

toy story apparel 12

This youth tee is white with an all-over print of “Toy Story” characters.

toy story apparel 13

Each character is pictured in one color. Rex is green, Buzz is orange, Woody is yellow, etc.

toy story apparel 9
toy story apparel 10
toy story apparel 11

Youth Bo Peep Tank – $24.99

toy story apparel 14

This tank is yellow tie-dye, with Bo Peep and her sheep on the front.

toy story apparel 16

It reads “Hanging with my peeps.”

toy story apparel 18
toy story apparel 17
toy story apparel 15

Youth Toy Story Land Shirt – $29.99

toy story apparel 20

This shirt is pink with light yellow sleeves. It has an elastic waist.

toy story apparel 19

Jessie, Woody, Buzz, and two green aliens are on the front. It reads “We’re all friends here.”

toy story apparel 21
toy story apparel 22

Youth Aliens Sweatshirt – $39.99

toy story apparel 27

This tie-dye green sweatshirt features three of the aliens.

toy story apparel 25

It reads “Take me to your leader!”

toy story apparel 24

It has a large front pocket with the Toy Story Land logo.

toy story apparel 26

It also has a hood.

toy story apparel 28

Pride Shorts – $36.99

merch roundup 07.25.22 6

Over at Magic Kingdom, we found these black shorts part of the Disney Pride Collection.

merch roundup 07.25.22 4

It has a black drawstring at the waist, the ends coming out of metal Mickey charms.

merch roundup 07.25.22 5

They are patterned with rainbow silhouettes of Mickey.

merch roundup 07.25.22 3
merch roundup 07.25.22 1
merch roundup 07.25.22 2

These were in the Emporium.

Mickey Tumbler – $22.99

mickey tumbler 0 1

This black tumbler is patterned with shiny Mickey heads.

mickey tumbler 1 1
mickey tumbler 5
mickey tumbler 3 1

It has a translucent lid.

mickey tumbler 4 1

This and the mug below were both in the Emporium.

Poison Apple Mug Tumbler – $19.99

poison apple mug

This stoneware tumbler mug resembles the poison apple from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”

poison apple mug 7

It’s red with white “poison” dripping down from the top, forming a skeletal face.

poison apple mug 1

It has a silicone lid.

poison apple mug 6
poison apple mug 5

Main Street Electrical Parade Light-Up Wall Art – $49.99

msep wall art 1

The sign has the Disneyland logo, Main Street Electrical Parade logo, and “50th anniversary.” Mickey marches next to the words.

msep wall art

The bulbs around the edge of the sign light up. This was also in the Emporium.

Stitch Reversible Table Runner – $49.99

merch roundup 07.25.22 19

This reversible table runner was available alongside other Stitch merchandise in Star Traders.

merch roundup 07.25.22 22
merch roundup 07.25.22 21

One side has yellow dots and two blue stripes down the center. Images of Stitch are along the edge.

merch roundup 07.25.22 17

The other side features a wave pattern, with Stitch and Angel surfing and boating in the water.

merch roundup 07.25.22 20
merch roundup 07.25.22 18

Pirates Eyepatch Shirt – $29.95

merch roundup 07.25.22 24

This dark gray shirt reads “It’s all fun & games until someone needs an eyepatch.”

merch roundup 07.25.22 26

A skull wearing an eyepatch is on the front.

merch roundup 07.25.22 23

This and the pirate merch below were in Plaza del Sol Caribe Bazaar.

Pirates of the Caribbean Toothpick Holder – $9.99

merch roundup 07.27.22 32

This ceramic toothpick holder is dark gray, with an elaborate Pirates of the Caribbean logo on one side.

merch roundup 07.27.22 34
merch roundup 07.27.22 31

The other side reads “Dead men tell no tales.”

merch roundup 07.27.22 33

Pirates of the Caribbean Shorts – $36.99

merch roundup 07.27.22 38

These dark gray shorts are covered in images from the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. They have a red drawstring.

merch roundup 07.27.22 37
merch roundup 07.27.22 39
merch roundup 07.27.22 35

There are pockets on the back.

Disney NuiMOs Smile Outfit – $12.99

merch roundup 07.25.22 10

This new Disney nuiMOs outfit is part of the Smile Collection.

merch roundup 07.25.22 7

It includes a faux straw hat.

merch roundup 07.25.22 8

There is a Hawaiian shirt and yellow t-shirt with a bee in the center. We found this in World of Disney at Disney Springs.

Olaf Mug – $14.99

merch roundup 07.25.22 11

Also in World of Disney was this stoneware mug featuring Olaf swimming in summer.

merch roundup 07.25.22 16
merch roundup 07.25.22 14

The other side reads “Fun and friends and warm hugs.”

merch roundup 07.25.22 12
merch roundup 07.25.22 15

Mickey Shirt – $36.99

mickey shirt 5

In DisneyStyle, we found this long-sleeved gray shirt.

mickey shirt 7

It reads “More Mickey More Magic” above a large red and orange “M.” Mickey sits at the bottom of the design.

mickey shirt 9

Fall Mystery Pin Collection – $24.99

merch roundup 07.25.22 31

This new mystery pin collection was in Fantasia at Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

merch roundup 07.25.22 30
merch roundup 07.25.22 29

One box includes two randomly selected pins.

merch roundup 07.25.22 33

There are ten pins in the collection.

merch roundup 07.25.22 28

Each pin features a different Disney animal playing in fall leaves. The animals are Lucky (“One Hundred and One Dalmatians”), Marie (“The Aristocats”), Figaro (“Pinocchio”), Bruno (“Cinderella”), Simba (“The Lion King”), Tod, Copper (“The Fox and the Hound”), Stitch, Pluto, and Nana (“Peter Pan”).

merch roundup 07.25.22 34

50th Anniversary Tee – $39.99

merch roundup 07.27.22 55

This new pink v-neck was in Bayview Gifts.

merch roundup 07.27.22 56

It is bedazzled with “Walt Disney World 50” and Mickey.

merch roundup 07.27.22 57
merch roundup 07.27.22 59

The back is blank.

Tiana Oven Mitts Set – $21.99

merch roundup 07.27.22 9

This set includes a standard oven mitt and a potholder mitt.

merch roundup 07.27.22 1

The potholder features Tiana with a pot of food.

merch roundup 07.27.22 4

It has green trim.

merch roundup 07.27.22 7
merch roundup 07.27.22 3

The inside and back are purple.

merch roundup 07.27.22 5

The oven mitt features multiple images of Tiana against a colorful background.

merch roundup 07.27.22 6
merch roundup 07.27.22 2
merch roundup 07.27.22 0

It also has green trim and purple fabric inside.

merch roundup 07.27.22 8

This and the apron below were in Port of Entry at EPCOT.

Tiana Apron – $34.99

merch roundup 07.27.22 14

This apron is inspired by Tiana’s yellow waitress uniform.

merch roundup 07.27.22 11

It has an overlapping neckline with a ruffled collar.

merch roundup 07.27.22 15

The bottom is patterned with flowers.

merch roundup 07.27.22 17

It’s also lined with a ruffle.

merch roundup 07.27.22 16

A printed image of a spoon and spatula stick out of the pocket.

merch roundup 07.27.22 19
merch roundup 07.27.22 10
merch roundup 07.27.22 18

Pride Mug – $19.99

merch roundup 07.27.22 41

This pride mug was at Creations Shop in EPCOT.

merch roundup 07.27.22 47

It is shiny with a rainbow ombre. The Disney “D” is embossed on one side.

merch roundup 07.27.22 44

“Belong, believe, be proud” is in white on the other side with a Mickey head.

merch roundup 07.27.22 45
merch roundup 07.27.22 46
merch roundup 07.27.22 48

The inside is blue.

Chip ‘n’ Dale Bottle – $19.99

merch roundup 07.27.22 49

This small water bottle was also in Creations Shop.

merch roundup 07.27.22 50

It’s light blue with an image of Chip ‘n’ Dale on one side.

merch roundup 07.27.22 51

Dale has had a bit of a spill and is sitting with an ice cream cone on his head. Dale looks on while holding his own giant ice cream cone.

merch roundup 07.27.22 52

It has a silicone strap under the lid.

merch roundup 07.27.22 53

Gummy Steering Wheels Lemon & Cherry – $6.49

merch roundup 07.27.22 22

Several new gummy candies are available throughout Walt Disney World.

merch roundup 07.27.22 24

This “Cars”-themed candy is lemon and cherry-flavored.

merch roundup 07.27.22 21
merch roundup 07.27.22 25

We found these and the sour taffy candy below in Big Top Souvenirs at Magic Kingdom.

Sour Taffy – $6.49

merch roundup 07.27.22 26

This bag features Minnie.

merch roundup 07.27.22 29

Inside are individually packaged taffy candies in strawberry, grape, and sour apple flavors.

merch roundup 07.27.22 30
merch roundup 07.27.22 28
merch roundup 07.27.22 27

Sour Flowers Tutti Frutti – $6.49

merch roundup 07.27.22 60

We found the rest of this candy at ImageWorks in EPCOT.

merch roundup 07.27.22 64

These “Coco”-inspired sour flowers are tutti frutti-flavored.

merch roundup 07.27.22 61

Mango Gummy Drops – $6.49

merch roundup 07.27.22 66

The packaging for these gummy drops feature Joy from “Inside Out.”

merch roundup 07.27.22 68

They are mango-flavored.

merch roundup 07.27.22 65
merch roundup 07.27.22 67

Wild Sour Strawberry Belts – $6.49

merch roundup 07.27.22 69

Finally, these mini sour strawberry belts feature Elastigirl.

merch roundup 07.27.22 70
merch roundup 07.27.22 71
merch roundup 07.27.22 72

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