Merchandise Roundup 07/20/22: Disney Princess Activity Books, 50th Anniversary Tank Top, Woody’s Boot Snake Plant, East High Wildcats Bottle, and More

Welcome to the merchandise roundup for July 20, 2022! Each new day brings new merchandise to Walt Disney World, and we know you don’t want to miss a thing, so we gather new releases here. This week we visited Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom; let’s look at our discoveries.

Star Wars 45th Anniversary Ball Cap – $29.99

star wars ball cap 9

This ball cap is made of beige fabric with a dark brown pleather brim.

star wars ball cap 12

“Star Wars” is embroidered in black on the front.

star wars ball cap 14

Three buttons featuring concept art for “Star Wars” are next to the title.

star wars ball cap 8

The 45th anniversary logo, featuring Luke’s silhouette, is on the back, above Aurebesh reading, “May the Force be with you.”

star wars ball cap 7

The concept series logo is next to the adjustable strap.

star wars ball cap 10
star wars ball cap 13

“Star Wars” is on the strap buckle.

star wars ball cap 11

This was in Celebrity 5 & 10 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

“Star Wars” Tie-Dye Tee – $36.99

star wars tie dye shirt 6

We found this tie-dye shirt at Keystone Clothiers and Tatooine Traders.

star wars tie dye shirt 7

It is white with pink and purple tie-dye, mostly split down the middle. C-3PO and R2-D2 are in the center, and “I just can’t” is above them.

star wars tie dye shirt 8

“Star Wars” Action Figures Ball Cap – $29.99

star wars action figures cap 9

This ball cap was also in Keystone Clothiers.

star wars action figures cap 12

It’s black, with an image of vintage “Star Wars” action figures on the front. “Collect them all!” is at the corner.

star wars action figures cap 11

The “Star Wars” logo is on a rubber patch on the brim.

star wars action figures cap 10

The 45th anniversary logo is on the back.

star wars action figures cap 13

Indiana Jones Safari Shirt – $64.99

indiana jones shirt 18 scaled

This safari shirt is off-white.

indiana jones shirt 20 scaled

It’s inspired by “Indiana Jones” but doesn’t have any clear references to it beyond the tag.

indiana jones shirt 24 scaled
indiana jones shirt 17 scaled

It has brown buttons.

indiana jones shirt 22 scaled
indiana jones shirt 23 scaled
indiana jones shirt 19 scaled

This and the Funko POP! below were in Keystone Clothiers.

“Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” Sara Funko POP! – $14.99

sara funko pop 3

Sara was a character in “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.”

sara funko pop 2

Sara is a Master of the Mystic Arts. She wears a blue robe with yellow and brown accents.

sara funko pop 6
sara funko pop 4
sara funko pop 1
sara funko pop 5
sara funko pop

“Aladdin” 30th Anniversary Magnet – $14.99

aladdin magnet 15

This magnet honors the 30th anniversary of “Aladdin” with an image of Aladdin and Jasmine on the magic carpet, flying above Agrabah.

aladdin magnet 16

An intricate Arabian-inspired 30th anniversary logo is at the bottom. The “Aladdin” film logo is to the side.

made magnets 6

This was in the Darkroom at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but is also available on MaDe kiosks.

Dreamers Tank – $36.99

dreamers castle tank 25

In The Majestic, we found this pink tie-dye tank top.

dreamers castle tank 26

It features an intricate dark pink sketch of Cinderella Castle, with clouds and trees around it. “Dreamer do as dreamers do” are printed at the bottom.

dreamers castle tank 27

Minnie Mouse Stainless Steel Water Bottle – $27.99

minnie bottle 3

This water bottle is white and teal green, with an image of Minnie Mouse in her classic daisy hat and polka-dirt skirt.

minnie bottle 5

“Be happy” is printed in colorful lettering next to the mouse.

minnie bottle 1

Minnie is smiling, with her hands clasped in front of her.

minnie bottle 4

The bottle has a silver bottom and cap.

minnie bottle 2
minnie bottle 0

This was in the Emporium at Magic Kingdom.

Pride Pet Lead & Collar – $34.99

pride collar lead 14

This set includes a matching rainbow dog collar and lead.

pride collar lead 15
pride collar lead 16

They have blue buckles and clips.

pride collar lead 11

Mickey’s silhouette is along an ombre rainbow.

pride collar lead 12
pride collar lead 13

There’s a rainbow charm with a Mickey head on the collar. We found this at the Emporium and in World of Disney at Disney Springs.

Disney Princess Activity Book – $19.99

activity books 22 scaled

There are multiple new activity books featuring different characters. This one has Princesses Jasmine, Tiana, Cinderella, Ariel, Mulan, and Belle on the cover.

activity books 24 scaled

The book includes ten colored pencils, two paint brushes, and thirty design pages, each with ten colors of water-soluble ink dots.

activity books 21 scaled
activity books 20 scaled
activity books 17 scaled

The ink dots are on the bottom of the pages, which each feature a different Disney Princess.

activity books 18 scaled

The pencils and brushes come in elastic bands attached to the inside of the book.

activity books 19 scaled

The pencils are patterned with gold images of the princesses.

activity books 23 scaled

All of these activity books were available in the Emporium.

Rapunzel Activity Book – $19.99

activity books 33 scaled

This activity book features Rapunzel.

activity books 37 scaled
activity books 34 scaled

It includes thirty pages of different Rapunzel images for coloring.

activity books 36 scaled

These also have ten water-soluble ink dots, ten colored pencils, and two paint brushes.

activity books 38 scaled
activity books 35 scaled

The pencils are covered in golden images of Rapunzel, lanterns, and flowers.

activity books 32 scaled

Frozen Activity Book – $19.99

activity books 26 scaled

The last activity book features Anna and Elsa from “Frozen.”

activity books 28 scaled
activity books 25 scaled

Each page depicts characters and scenes from the “Frozen” films.

activity books 29 scaled
activity books 30 scaled

The pencils are covered in snowflakes.

activity books 27 scaled

Stitch Bucket Hat – $34.99

stitch bucket hat

We found this Stitch bucket hat at the Emporium and in Moana Mercantile at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.

stitch bucket hat 40

It’s white, with an embroidered image of Stitch on the front.

stitch bucket hat 42

To one side is a band patterned with tropical blue, orange, and yellow flowers.

stitch bucket hat 43
stitch bucket hat 41

The other side of the band is dark blue with images of Stitch on the beach.

stitch bucket hat 39

Youth Princess Dress – $44.99

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 2

This dress is white with a colorful all-over pattern of Disney Princesses, castles, rainbows, and more.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 5

The featured princesses include Mulan, Jasmine, Cinderella, Belle, Tiana, and Rapunzel.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 3

Some of their sidekicks, like Pascal and Chip, are also on the dress.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 1

There is a tulle skirt under the dress, for some extra poofiness.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 0
merchandise roundup 07.20.22 6
merchandise roundup 07.20.22 4

We found this in Sir Mickey’s at Magic Kingdom.

50th Anniversary Tank Top – $36.99

50th tank top 4

This dark blue tank top features the EARidescent 50th anniversary logo on the center.

50th tank top 6

The logo is surrounded by images of various Walt Disney World park icons. Cinderella Castle is in the zero of “50.” Also pictured is Spaceship Earth, “it’s a small world,” The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, and the Tree of Life — all in the gold, purple, and blue colors of the 50th anniversary.

50th tank top 9

It ties at the bottom for a unique look.

50th tank top 7

This was in Chester & Hester’s Dinosaur Treasures.

“Lightyear” Mug – $19.99

lightyear mug 10 scaled

This mug features a teal image of Buzz Lightyear as he appeared in Pixar’s “Lightyear.”

lightyear mug 12 scaled
lightyear mug 15 scaled

The handle is actually a carabiner clip, so you could attach it to a backpack when not in use.

lightyear mug 18 scaled
lightyear mug 14 scaled

The other side reads, “To infinity and beyond.”

lightyear mug 16 scaled

It’s 360ml or 12oz.

lightyear mug 11 scaled

It includes a transparent lid.

lightyear mug 17 scaled

We found this in Island Mercantile at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Walt Disney World Boxers – $19.99

wdw boxers 2

These boxers are blue with an all-over pattern of Cinderella Castle, Mickey heads, stars, “71,” “WDW,” and “Walt Disney World.”

wdw boxers 1

The words and images are green, orange, and light blue.

wdw boxers 0

“Walt Disney World” is printed on the waistband.

This and the windbreaker below were in Discovery Trading at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Mickey Windbreaker – $64.99

mickey windbreaker 5

The windbreaker has a white torso, with a yellow yoke and sleeves. “Walt Disney World” is across the chest. Mickey is on the left breast.

mickey windbreaker 4

“Mickey” is in yellow on one sleeve.

mickey windbreaker 3

“High School Musical” Bottle – $27.99

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 9

What time is it? Time to hydrate with this East High School Wildcats water bottle.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 7

It’s red, with a big “E” on one side. Black and white stripes run around the bottle.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 8

The “High School Musical” logo is on the bottom of the other side.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 10

It has a black handle.

This was in Creations Shop at EPCOT.

Rocket Racoon Tail – $24.99

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 14

Fans of Rocket Raccoon can challenge the Guardian with this new tail.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 15

It comes on a brown belt strap so you can wear the tail.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 16
merchandise roundup 07.20.22 11
merchandise roundup 07.20.22 12

A yellow Guardians of the Galaxy patch is on the strap.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 13

The strap has velcro behind the patch. This and the Groot plush below were in Creations Shop.

Scented Groot Plush – $24.99

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 18

This new Groot plush has posable legs.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 17

It has a cedar and cinnamon scent.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 19
merchandise roundup 07.20.22 20

Woody’s Boot Snake Plant – $24.99

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 2022 07 21T131017.467

Instead of a pot, this decorative succulent sits in Woody’s brown boot, complete with a cactus outline on the side and a golden spur on the back. Don’t worry; it’s all plastic, so the spur isn’t sharp.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 2022 07 21T131019.446

The plant is fake, but it’s inspired by the real snake plant. So there is literally a snake in the boot.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 2022 07 21T131021.575

The plant sits in a bed of grey pebbles.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 2022 07 21T131023.181
merchandise roundup 07.20.22 2022 07 21T131024.825

“Andy” is written on the bottom of the boot.

This is also available at Disneyland Resort.

Germany Biergarten Tervis Bottle – $39.99

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 21

On one side of this stainless steel bottle is an Oktoberfest banner above images of an alpine hat, beer mug, and pretzel.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 24

“Biergarten,” the name of the Germany Pavilion’s restaurant, is at the bottom.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 25

The other side reads, “Ich <3 bier. Danke schön!” This means “I <3 beer. Thank you!” The heart is the German flag.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 22
merchandise roundup 07.20.22 27

It has a black cap with a handle.

merchandise roundup 07.20.22 23
merchandise roundup 07.20.22 26
merchandise roundup 07.20.22

This was at the EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival market booth outside the Germany Pavilion.

Star Tours 35th Anniversary MaDe Magnet – $14.99

made magnets 7

This magnet celebrates 35 years of Star Tours. It’s triangular, with the Star Tours logo in orange and blue. “35” is at the bottom, between “1987” and “2022.” It is available in MaDe kiosks throughout Walt Disney World.

Orange Bird MaDe Ornaments – $19.99+

made orange bird ornaments 0 scaled

These Annual Passholder ornaments featuring Orange Bird are now also available in MaDe kiosks.

made orange bird ornaments 1 scaled

There are four circular designs, all exclusive to Annual Passholders.

made orange bird ornaments 2 scaled
made orange bird ornaments 3 scaled
made orange bird ornaments 4 scaled

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