Infinity Conez — The Newest Disney Marvel-Themed Restaurant…Maybe?

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Calling ALL Marvel fans!

Avengers Campus

You can already stop by Avengers Campus in Disney California Adventure Park to swing webs with Spider-Man or grab some food that has been impacted by PYM Particles, or you can stop by EPCOT to save the galaxy (again) on Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. But what if you could have ice cream in a Marvel-themed spot inspired by something included in the set of an actual Marvel movie? Pretty cool right? Well…it might become a reality someday!

In early July, Chris Hemsworth and Taika Waititi did an interview with Entertainment Tonight touring part of the set for the NEW Thor: Love and Thunder film. Theme park reporter Carlye Wisel (who cited @amymarksthesepics on Instagram) found a VERY interesting tidbit in this interview that we just had to take a closer look at!

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During the interview, Hemsworth and Waititi tour part of the set of the movie, superficially the New Asgard set. Hemsworth notes that it was a sweet village once upon a time, but there has since been a significant amount of damage, destruction, and chaos.

©Entertainment Tonight

As they walk around, you can see an ice cream shop in the background called “Infinity Conez.”

©Entertainment Tonight

In discussing it, Waititi says that the shop was a special invention for the film but that he has it on “quite good knowledge that it’s gonna make it into real-life one day.”

©Entertainment Tonight

Waititi then says “so keep an eye out for that!”

The two stars then walked around more of the set and even broke pieces of the set, including part of the ice cream shop! As they’re throwing chairs and tables into the ice cream shop (😂 ) you can see some of the ice cream within and the Infinity Conez logo on the side of the ice cream display.

©Entertainment Tonight

So…did Taika Waititi basically just announce that Infinity Conez is going to be a real thing? Could this ice cream shop be coming to a Disney park in the future — perhaps over at Avengers Campus in Disney California Adventure Park, Disneyland Paris, or even Hong Kong Disneyland? Or maybe it’ll become part of some kind of pop-up Marvel experience? It’s…possible? It’s also possible that Waititi’s comments were made in jest. 😞  But if you need us, we’ll be sitting over here in a corner crossing our fingers and toes that Infinity Conez becomes a reality!

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The possibility for puns and hilarious (and delicious) ice cream flavors is really endless! The Savory “Snap,” the “I Can Do This All Day” Strawberry Swirl, the “Strange” Salted Caramel — there are SO MANY OPTIONS. Seriously, Disney, if this is not already in the works, let’s make it happen!

We’ve already seen a full dinner show experience themed to Marvel, a Marvel restaurant with cocktails and food affected by PYM Particles, and so much more — so the real question here is why NOT create a Marvel ice cream shop too?! 🍦

©Entertainment Tonight

Can’t wait until Disney (potentially) creates this spot? Well, you can stock up on the Infinity Conez crewneck in the meantime! It’s on sale on BoxLunch for $34.23 (normally $48.90).


Or you can grab an Infinity Conez shirt from Hot Topic!

©Hot Topic

If you want to see more of the interview (and watch Taika Waititi, Chris Hemsworth, and Natalie Portman throw stuff at cars and buildings 😆 ) click the link below to watch the full video.

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As always, stay tuned for more Disney news!

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What ice cream flavor would you want to be served at a real Infinity Conez? Tell us in the comments!

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