Haunted Mansion Shirts and Fan Creep into Disneyland Resort From Regions Beyond

Brave guests can venture into Port Royal Curios and Curiosities at Disneyland Resort to take a peek at the frighteningly beautiful new Haunted Mansion shirts. Beware and be careful not to pick up a hitchhiking ghost!

Madame Leota Shirt – $36.99

Peer into the past, present, and future with this Madame Leota t-shirt. Madame Leota hovers in her glass orb with the text, “From Regions Beyond,” written in bright blue text above her head.

Haunted Mansion Button-Up – $59.99

This button-up mimics the Haunted Mansion’s use of vertical stripes with bands of ectoplasm green, spirit blue, ghostly white, and zombie grey.

The back has a vintage-looking print of Madame Leota and the Haunted Mansion logo. The text is in a metallic silver. It reads, “Make your final arrangements, we’ve been dying to have you.”

The text and logo is surrounded by a Victorian-themed box and decorated with filigree borders.

The front of the the button-up has a creepy sketched bat over the breast.

Haunted Mansion Tank Top – $36.99

This top is completely sleeveless and made from a comfortable fabric, making it perfect for the summer. The top is tie-dyed in greens and blues.

The front has a print of the three hitchhiking ghosts.

Awaken All Spirits Fan – $12.99

At last, we have a fan featuring Madame Leota and the text, “Awaken all spirits.” The plastic handle is bright purple and the paper fan is a dark plum.

Are these shirts just to die for? Let us know what you think of the Haunted Mansion merchandise in the comments below!

If these options don’t capture your eye, check out the Haunted Mansion spirit jersey!

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