Haunted Mansion Headstone Bookends and Pins Creep Into Magic Kingdom

We’re creeping closer to the spookiest time of the year, and you can start to decorate with new Haunted Mansion headstone bookends. We also found several new pins, all inside Memento Mori at Magic Kingdom.

The Haunted Mansion Headstone Bookends – $44.99

Haunted Mansion Headstone Bookends

At Memento Mori, any soul can pick up these Haunted Mansion spooky headstone bookends.

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They are sturdy and a pale gray.

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This headstone reads, “Here Lies Good Old Fred / A Great Big Rock Fell On His Head R.I.P.”

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The interior is hollow. You could put pens or flowers in here! The ghosts would probably prefer flowers, though.

merchandise roundup 07.21.22 38

This headstone says, “Dear Departed Brother Dave / He Chased A Bear Into A Cave.”

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These are also available at Disneyland Resort and online at shopDisney.

Bride “I’m a heartbreaker” Pin – $12.99

haunted mansion pins 0

This pin features the famous Bride ghost from The Haunted Mansion.

Hatbox Ghost Pin – $9.99

haunted mansion pins 1

This pin is the head of the Hatbox Ghost, who does not appear in the Magic Kingdom version of the ride. Disneyland visitors will recognize the spooky spirit from the west coast Haunted Mansion.

Foolish Mortal Pin – $9.99

haunted mansion pins 2

This pin repeats the pattern found on the walls of the Haunted Mansion ride.

Haunted Mansion Logo Pin – $9.99

haunted mansion pins 3

Last but not least is an oval pin with a spooky bat, the Hatbox Ghost, and the Haunted Mansion symbol.

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