Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage Finally Resurfaces at Disneyland

Join our underseas adventure as well take a ride on the newly refurbished Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage at Disneyland. This attraction hasn’t opened since the pandemic closure of 2020, so we were very excited to dive below the waves again after so long. What sea creatures and sunken treasures will await us at the bottom of the ocean? Let’s dive in and find out!

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

We made our way through the tropical foliage and into the queue.

sub nemo reopening 2

The queue area remains largely unchanged from before the refurbishment.

sub nemo reopening 3

But the paint does look shiny and new on both the queue area and the submarines themselves.

sub nemo reopening 7

The tight quarters of the attraction wouldn’t have allowed for social distancing during the height of the health restrictions. Thankfully, the guidelines relaxed before the attraction reopened.

sub nemo reopening 10

The lagoon has also received a fresh coat of paint, before it was refilled.

sub nemo reopening 11
sub nemo reopening 12
sub nemo reopening 13
finding nemo submarine voyage onride 4 scaled

While there were no noticeable changes to the ride, all of the effects were working and looking sharp as ever.

finding nemo submarine voyage onride 2 scaled
finding nemo submarine voyage onride 3 scaled

Let us know what you think of Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage returning! Tell us about your dive in the comments below!

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