ESPN Club Signs Now Completely Removed at Disney’s BoardWalk

The ESPN Club closed earlier this year to make way for the Cake Bake Shop. A crane and cherry picker was spotted earlier this month and now it’s clear what they were removing. All identifying features of the old ESPN Club have been removed and painted white.

the cake bake shop 6

The walls that previously blocked us from getting to close have been removed. A sign has been placed outside to promote the Cake Bake Shop that is coming next year.

The Cake Bake Shop sign coming 2023
the cake bake shop 5

All the signs and colors from the ESPN Sports Club have been taken down or painted over. The only hint of color that remains is the purple pillars that used to sit beside the restaurant’s sign.

the cake bake shop 4

A several planters and barriers have been placed alongside the windows. They will likely be moved around as more construction takes place outside the building, so that guests can’t get too close.

the cake bake shop 1

The coat of white paint certainly fits the theme of the Cake Bake Shop, which is known for its romantic rose garden theme and shades of pastel.

the cake bake shop 3

ESPN related billboards used to be on display here.

the cake bake shop 2

Perhaps new billboards will go up featuring cakes and other treats? All in all, a very exciting development for Disney’s BoardWalk.

Let us know what you think of the change and if you are looking forward to the Cake Bake Shop. What will you be trying first?

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