Delectable LinaBell-Themed Treats and Cute Souvenirs Arriving September 8 at Tokyo DisneySea

With LinaBell arriving at Tokyo DisneySea on September 8, we not only know about the adorable merchandise but also the delectable-looking treats and fun souvenir items headed to restaurants around Tokyo DisneySea starting the same day!

Bean Curry & Cheese Pita Sandwich Set – ¥1200 ($8.88)

At Miguel’s El Dorado Cantina in Lost River Delta, guests will find this new pink pita sandwich with bean curry and cheese, along with corn chips and a soft drink.

Souvenir Lunch Case – ¥1300 ($9.62)

For an additional cost to their meal, guests can also add this souvenir lunch case featuring Duffy and LinaBell.

LinaBell’s Deli Plate Set – ¥1800 ($13.32)

Also at Miguel’s El Dorado Cantina, we’ll find this deli plate set. This plate includes ham, heart of palm, quinoa and barley salad, chicken, sweet potato and walnut salad, kale and romaine lettuce, bread with whipped beet butter, and choice of soft drink.

Cheese Cream Cookie Sandwich with Souvenir Case – ¥1370 ($10.14)

At last changing things out from the same bland cheesecake that’s been around forever, the LinaBell Cookie Sandwich at Miguel’s El Dorado Cantina will be available both on its own and with the souvenir basket case featuring a new design with LinaBell and Duffy.

LinaBell Tapioca Tea with Souvenir Mug – ¥2000 ($14.80)

The LinaBell Tapioca Tea at Miguel’s El Dorado Cantina features a tropical fruit mix along with sweet milk and rooibos tea jelly at the bottom.

Souvenir Sleeve – +¥800 ($5.92)

If guests so wish, they can also pick up this souvenir drink sleeve featuring a fuzzy depiction of LinaBell at Miguel’s El Dorado Cantina.

Pastrami Beef Sandwich with Creamy Mushroom & Cheese Sauce Set – ¥1830 ($13.55)

Only available through September at the Dockside Diner, this special set features a pastrami beef sandwich with creamy mushroom sauce and cheese, soup, and a dessert.

Candy Case – ¥1200 ($8.88)

While at Miguel’s El Dorado Cantina, you’ll also find this LinaBell candy case featuring the curious pink fox herself.

Popcorn Bucket – ¥2600 ($19.25)

This new (and somewhat uncreative compared to recent ones) bucket features LinaBell sitting in a meadow on top and the key art of her introduction on the front and back. This will be available at a popcorn cart in Tokyo DisneySea, although an exact location has yet to be announced.

Lychee Mousse & Raspberry Jelly with Souvenir Cup – ¥990 ($7.33)

Strawberry Mont Blanc with Souvenir Plate – ¥990 ($7.33)

All of these will be available mostly at Miguel’s El Dorado Cantina starting September 8. Are you excited to chow down on new LinaBell-themed food? Let us know in the comments!

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