CHANGES Made to Disney World’s Carousel of Progress Finale

CHANGE is the name of the game in Disney World these days.

Is this a must-do for you?

We’ve seen big changes in the narration over at the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover, changes with the TRON construction, changes on food menus, and more. Now, change has impacted another Disney World ride — the beloved Carousel of Progress!

When we rode through the Carousel of Progress recently we noticed that something was different.  In the final scene of the ride, it seems each of the characters has gotten a bit of a makeover!

Now, don’t panic — the narration here has stayed the same! But the animatronics’ outfits and some hairstyles appear to have been updated to give them a more modern look.

The NEW Costumes!

For reference, here’s what these costumes looked like before.

Carousel of Progress — OLD Outfits

Let’s go character by character. For Sarah (Mother), you can see her older outfit in the photo above. In terms of her new outfit (pictured below), her khaki pants have been substituted for pants of a darker color. Her red sweater has also been swapped out to a more grey-colored sweatshirt/shirt. And she’s got a bit of different hairstyle, with more of an up-do, as opposed to her previously more loose hairstyle. She also seems to have some slightly darker glasses frames.

Mother’s New Look!

In the past, father had some hair hanging a little bit further down his face, and he had a holiday apron on. You can see his OLD look in the photo below.

OLD Outfit — Don’t Mind the Missing Hand; This was from “the incident” when his hand…well, fell off!

Now, father has a different holiday sweatshirt on, a slightly different hairstyle, and an apron that says “My Food Rocks.” That appears to be a little nod to Food Rocks, the attraction that once existed in EPCOT!

Father’s New Look

As for Jimmy, his old look featured a multi-colored sweatshirt, jeans, and some sneakers. Now, he’s got some green shoes with a reindeer on them, a new grey sweatshirt, and what appear to be some slightly slimmer jeans.

The NEW Look

Even grandma got a new look! Her old outfit featured an older-style heavily patterned dress. Now she’s got a more modern, light pink dress and a brown shawl. She also has a new hairstyle that seems to be a bit lighter in color and more straight (as opposed to being somewhat curly).

Look at Grandma Go!

Over on the other side of the scene, Grandpa and Patricia also have new looks. Here’s a look at their OLD costumes.

OLD Costumes

Here’s what they look like now!

NEW Outfits

Looks like grandpa has traded in his tan pants for a more grey, patterned look. He’s also got a grey sweater on now.


Patricia has seen some big changes! Gone is her pink sweatshirt, her light pants, and her more ski-style boots. Now, Patricia’s got a grey sweatshirt on that says “Progress Tech” on it. This seems to be a reference to Progress City.

Patricia also has new patterned pants, new brown boots, new green shoes with the reindeer on them (just like her brother), and (perhaps most noticeably) a NEW hairstyle. Now, she’s got bangs and a bit of a messy pony tail situation going on.

Patricia is Looking Different!

But don’t worry, some of the same details you know and love are still there, like the hidden Mickey plush near the Christmas tree!

Spot the Hidden Mickeys?

What do you think about these changes? Are you a fan of the slightly more modern looks? Tell us in the comments!

We’ll continue to keep an eye out for more changes all around Disney World. If you’ll be heading to Disney World soon and are wondering what attraction changes are on the way, you can click here to see how Festival of the Lion King will be changing, and click here to see why the way you meet Mickey is CHANGING in Magic Kingdom.

Cinderella Castle

As always stay tuned for more Disney news!

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What do you think of these changes? Tell us in the comments!

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