5 Secrets About the Disney Cruise Line App

Did you know that the Disney Cruise Line has its own app?

The Disney Wish

Much like My Disney Experience for Disney World and the Disneyland app for Disneyland Resort, Disney Cruise Line has an app that helps you plan your vacation! It’s called the Disney Cruise Line Navigator App, and its equipped with tons of cool and helpful features to assist you with your day. But, what exactly can the app do for you? We recently were invited to set sail on the Disney Wish, so let’s take a look!

Before You Board

The Disney Cruise Line Navigator App is pretty much going to be your jumping off point for your entire vacation. Before you set sail, you can use the app to manage your reservation, including things like making payments, booking activities for your cruise, both on board and while at port, and you can even use the app to check in for your cruise!

Disney Wish

You can also use the app before your cruise to add ground transportation or flight details to have all of your travel in one convenient location.

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Once On Board

Onboard Chat

The app is equipped with a chat feature that will allow you to communicate with Cast Members. Using this feature, you can talk to Cast Members from multiple divisions, including Guest Services, Port Adventures, and the Dining team — right from your stateroom. Being able to communicate directly with a Cast Member through the app can be very helpful if you’re in the middle of your vacation and a need has arisen.

You can communicate with Guest Services right from your stateroom!

And not only can you talk with Cast Members, you can also use the chat feature to communicate with members of your own group. You can set up chats between yourself and another member of your party, or even set up group chats with your entire group! This is especially useful if you have chosen not to purchase the WiFi package onboard.

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The Navigator app is useful when it comes to dining onboard Disney cruise ships because inside the app is where you’re going to find your seating information, whether you’re at the first or second dinner seating, and which rotational dining restaurant you’re heading to each night. This is also where you’ll find your table assignment.

Arendelle: A ‘Frozen’ Dining Adventure is rotational dining on the Wish.

Also in the app you can view the menus for each of the restaurants before you head there, and you can event take a look at what the Drinks of the Day are at the various lounges onboard the ship.

Keg & Compass is one of the lounges on the Wish

There are also exclusive dining experiences onboard the Wish, including some that are adults-only, for example Enchanté, the Beauty and the Beast restaurant on the Disney Wish is adults-only. You can use the Navigator app to book any of these experiences.

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You can also use the app to take a look at the various entertainment offerings and activities available onboard your cruise ship. You can book things like Port Adventures (which is what Disney calls excursions at each port), plus activities onboard the ship like tasting seminars and mixology classes! You can also check the schedules for movies happening at the ship’s theaters or at Funnel Vision screen on the pool deck.

Disney Wish Funnel Vision

You’re also able to see the times for things like fitness classes, deck parties, and the multiple theater shows onboard each cruise ship! If you want to meet characters while on your cruise, you can see which ones are available and at what times, plus anything you see on the app for entertainment, you can star so it’s easier to find later. In the app, you have the ability to filter activities by certain categories, so if you’re looking for an adults-only area, or a place where the kids can play, you’re able to apply that category to your search to make it easier to find!

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There’s also tons of other little things you can do with the app. For example, you can peruse deals on other Disney Cruise Line sailings and even book your next Disney cruise while you’re still on your current one!

You can book your next Disney cruise while on your current one!

And if you’re trying to figure out where you need to be on the ship, you can use the handy ship map in the Navigator so you can get where you’re going easily.

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And those are just some of the things you can do using the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app! Heading on a Disney Cruise soon? We just checked out all of the offerings onboard Disney’s newest cruise ship — the Wish and brought you all of our thoughts!

Disney Wish docked at Castaway Cay

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