17 Costume Ideas for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party in Disney World

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It’s almost spooky season, y’all!

Cinderella Pumpkin in Magic Kingdom

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party is returning to the Magic Kingdom next month! We’ve already brought you so much Halloween Disney merchandise, from inflatable decorations for your yard to board games and even more, but now, with the party just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to dress up as. If you’re heading to the Halloween party and need some ideas, we’ve got you covered!

The important thing to remember about Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party is that it starts in August and takes place in Florida, meaning that it is still going to be very HOT! Even on the last party date at the end of October, it’s likely that the temperature will be pretty high, so when picking costumes, you’ll want to think about picking outfits that are going to keep you cool and comfortable walking around the park all night.

Main Street during Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

So let’s get into some costume ideas! For an easy costume idea for the whole family, you can dress up as The Incredibles. We found this shirt on Amazon that has the Incredibles logo on it. 


This shirt is unisex so anyone in your family can wear it and you can get it right now on sale for $10.87!

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If you want to complete the look, check out this black eye mask that you can wear to elevate the costume.


It is $9.99 and available on HalloweenCostumes.com.

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And to just take your Incredibles look one step further, you can grab these black Incredibles gloves!


These gloves are elbow-length and are $12.99.

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Looking for a simple couples costume that won’t have you burning up in the Florida sun? Check out this Beast Costume Shirt from Amazon!


This is a blue tee shirt that is made to look like the Beast’s outfit from the iconic ballroom scene in the movie. This is a great way to dress up for the party while still remaining cool and comfortable. This shirt is $21.98.

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And you can pair the Beast shirt with this Belle Costume Shirt!


This shirt is the same ideas as the Beast shirt. It’s yellow, and is made to look like Belle’s yellow dress. This shirt is also $21.98.

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For another easy couples costume, check out this Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Costume Kit from Amazon!


This kit comes with stickers that you can adhere to your clothes that look like Mr. and Mrs. Potato head. It will also come with the two hats, as well. All you’ll need is a plain colored shirt (we’d recommend a short sleeve shirt to help combat the heat) and you’re good to go! You can grab this costume kit for $21.99.

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If you’ve got a kiddo that can’t wait to dress up like a Disney princess this year, then you’ve got some great options available on shopDisney! You can get this Belle from Beauty and the Beast dress online now. 


This dress is highly detailed and is short sleeved, so it will do a good job at keeping your kiddo cool in the hot weather. You can grab this princess dress for $49.99.

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There’s a lot of other princess costumes available online, like this Jasmine costume!


This costume is also a great option for cooler princess outfits, and is available for $49.99.

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Or your kiddo can dress up as the rootinest, tootinest cowboy in the wild, wild west with this Woody Costume for kids!


This costume comes with the pants, shirt, vest with sheriff’s badge, bandana, and boot covers. All you’ll need is a hat and you’re good to go! You can grab this costume for $44.99.

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A sheriff isn’t a sheriff without his hat, so you can also grab this Woody Accessory Set! This would be great to make a simple costume on its own or as an addition to a Woody costume you’ve already purchased, like the one above.


This accessory set is $19.99 and comes with a hat and belt.

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If your child would rather head “to infinity and beyond,” check out this Buzz Lightyear costume!


This costume is a jumpsuit with a hood and is available for either $29.99 or $34.99, depending on the size.

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The adults don’t have to be left out of the Toy Story costume fun! For a simple way to dress up as a recognizable character, check out this Buzz Lightyear Costume Kit.


It comes with everything you need to dress like everyone’s favorite spaceman (ahem, space toy 😉): gloves, hood, and inflatable jet pack. You can grab it for $29.99.

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If you’re jumping for joy that the Halloween party is finally back (please excuse us for the awful pun), then check out this Joy from Inside Out costume!


This costume comes with the iconic yellow Joy dress and her blue wig. This is also a really solid option for the Halloween party in Florida because Joy’s dress is sleeveless, so you won’t be having to wear long sleeves in the heat! You can grab this costume $54.99.

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Another great option if you’re looking for something that won’t make you too hot is this Eeyore Costume Kit!


This is a super easy option because it’s a pair of ears and tail that you can attach to whatever clothes you’re already wearing; no costume change required! This costume kit is available for $12.99.

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If Eeyore isn’t your favorite Winnie the Pooh character, check out this Tigger Costume Kit instead.


This is the same idea as the Eeyore kit, but it’s Tigger instead! This one is a little more expensive at $16.99.

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Or maybe you’re not into Winnie the Pooh, and would rather dress up as Mei the red panda from Turning Red! If that’s the case, check out this ‘Turning Red’ Accessory Set.


This accessory set comes with a pair of panda ears, a panda tail, and gloves that look like panda paws. The whole set is $36.99.

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Another popular way to “dress up” without really dressing up is by doing something called DisneyBounding! DisneyBounding is when you wear normal clothes and accessories to dress like a Disney character without wearing a costume. If you’re looking to DisneyBound for the Halloween Party, here are a few ideas!

We’ll start with a Cinderella and Prince Charming DisneyBound. For Cinderella, we’ll start with a light blue dress, like this one from Amazon.


This dress is a good option for Cinderella because it’s close in color to the dress we see her wear in the movie, and has similar design elements, like the tufted puff sleeves. This dress is $35.99.

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Next you’ll need one of Cinderella’s most iconic accessories: her black choker necklace.


This necklace from Amazon is a good option at $6.99.

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You’ll also need a black headband to further complete the look.


This one from Amazon is $8.99 and made from vegan leather.

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Now, really, you could stop there. With the dress, choker, and headband, you’ve pretty much got the look covered. If your hair is long enough, you could put it up in a bun, but that isn’t really necessary. If you want to take the DisneyBound one step further, you could add gloves!


We found these light blue satin gloves on Amazon that would be perfect! They are elbow-length and described as light and breathable. You can grab them for $9.59.

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Now let’s put together a look for Prince Charming. Since even Halloween-time is hot in Florida, instead of pants, we’re going to do shorts instead, like these red chino shorts!


These shorts are close in color to the red pants Prince Charming wears in the movie and are available for $27.50.

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Next, we’re going to need a shirt. We’re going to recommend a short-sleeve white polo to get the job done, like this one from Amazon.


White is a good place to start because it will give us a neutral jumping off point for accessories. This polo is available for $16.30.

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With red shorts and a white shirt, the color we’re missing from Prince Charming’s look is yellow (he really makes the ketchup and mustard look work for him). You can do this in a couple of ways. One easy way is to add a belt with a gold buckle.


We found this belt that would work on Amazon for $22.99.

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Another way to add yellow into the outfit would be with a bowtie. Prince Charming does not wear a bowtie in the movie, but that’s the best part about DisneyBounding, you can play with accessories and design elements to make a whole new outfit that’s reminiscent of the character, you don’t have to just use items that look exactly like the character’s outfit in the movie. We found this bowtie on Amazon that would work.


This bowtie has a hook clasp so you don’t need to worry about tying it and is adjustable to fit many neck sizes. You can grab it for $9.99.

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Princesses and princes aren’t your style? DisneyBound as a villain then! Let’s put together some ideas for a Hades from Hercules DisneyBound. Hades is relatively easy because his color palette is mostly just blues and grays, so it’s easy to put something together. Starting with some shorts, you can go with these dark gray shorts from Amazon!


These shorts are $34.99 and moisture wicking, so they’ll do a great job of keeping you cool, too.

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For the shirt, we’re going to recommend blue (Hades’ toga is gray but his hair and skin is a brighter blue). We found this Hanes shirt on Amazon that would work well!


This shirt is also moisture wicking and is available in a two-pack for $16.36.

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For accessories, since Hades is the God of the Underworld, we recommend an accessory that plays off of that, like this skull necklace.


This is a nice, subtle way to play into the Underworld thing without going overboard. You can grab this necklace for $9.99. With the necklace, your Hades DisneyBound is pretty much complete!

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And those are just a few costume ideas for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party in Disney World! When dressing up, it is important to remember a few things. Disney does have rules about what sorts of costumes are and are not allowed in the parks. For example, adults are not permitted to wear masks, props that closely resemble a real weapon are not permitted, capes must not extend past the waist and dresses are not permitted to drag on the ground.

Tigger in his Pirate costume!

During the day, guests older than 14 are not permitted to wear any costume in the Disney parks (though DisneyBounding is permitted!). To read through the full list of rules and restrictions, head to the Disney World website. And for even more Halloween fun, check out these five Disney Halloween inflatables we found online, or the exclusive Halloween Minnie ears we found online, too! And as always, make sure to stay tuned to DFB for the latest Disney news and updates.

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What are you dressing up as for Halloween this year? Let us know in the comments!

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