🚨 The Cheshire Cat Tail is MISSING in Magic Kingdom and We’re Trying Its Replacement!

There are a LOT of snacks in Disney World.

Look at all those treats!

We’ll admit that while there are plenty of snacks we LOVE, we’ve had our fair share of snacks we wouldn’t get again. It’s also true that new snacks are often brought into the parks, but sometimes that means other snacks have to go. It looks like right now is one of those times — a new snack has debuted in Magic Kingdom…but it may be replacing a DFB favorite. 

The Cheshire Cat Tail is a favorite DFB treat in Magic Kingdom. You can get it at the similarly named Cheshire Cafe in Fantasyland.

Doesn’t this make you hungry?!

It’s a light, flaky chocolate croissant twist with pink and blue frosting normally available for $5.79. But, right now it’s MISSING from the menu.

The Cheshire Cat Tail is MISSING!

The Cheshire Cat Paw for $6.29 has replaced the Cheshire Cat Tail — for now. The pastry is very similar — light and flaky, but this new treat has a hazelnut filling. The pink and blue icing has also transferred over to this treat.

We decided we HAD to give this treat a try since the Cheshire Cat Tail is so beloved by our team — but how did it compare?!

Cheshire Cat Paw

OH BOY. This was sent directly from the snack gods. The pastry was buttery and flaky, and there was just enough hazelnut filling that it was nutty and chocolatey without being too overpowering. Honestly, the only negative we see to the Cheshire Cat Paw is that the hazelnut filling means people with nut allergies can’t taste how delicious it is.


It would make a great quick breakfast or treat on the go or just a cheap snack at any time of the day! If you’re looking for something more substantial for breakfast or a heartier snack, we’d probably skip this one. Overall, we can’t say we’re happy that the Cheshire Cat Tail is gone, but if it has to be gone for now — the Cheshire Cat Paw is a worthy replacement!

We don’t know if this treat will be replacing the Cheshire Cat Tail for good, or only for a limited time — so be sure to stay tuned to DFB for the latest!

We’ll take twelve.

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