What’s New in EPCOT: Stitch Kitchen Items!

Let’s stroll into EPCOT to see what’s new!


EPCOT has been the center of attention lately, thanks to their newly-launched Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind attraction, and the Disney+ Livestream of Harmonious. And since there’s so much going on around the park, we decided to head in to look at what’s new!

EPCOT Food Updates

House of Good Fortune

Here, we found some new unique snacks, like the Blueberry Pudding for $5.95.


And, there was a Lychee flavor too for the same price — $5.95. 


We also saw some Green Tea and Citrus Green Tea Candies!

Tea Candies

There were also some new chips that we haven’t seen before, that were $5.99 each.


And those are the only new food additions we saw!

EPCOT Construction Updates

The only construction update we have is from Mitsukoshi. We noticed the pearl section of the shop was completely covered and blocked off.

Pearl Section Blocked Off

We’ll let you know when we get more news about this construction.

EPCOT Merchandise Updates

Creations Shop

We saw a couple Stitch items arrive in the store (which is only fitting, as it was recently his special day — 626 Day), including the Stitch Glass Set for $34.99. The acrylic glasses are molded into the shape of his head!

Stitch Glasses

The other Stitch item we saw was the Stitch Water Bottle for $34.99. 

Stitch Water Bottle

You can also get this item online.

Click Here for More Stitch Kitchen Items

There were also two new MagicBands themed after movies — the Lightyear MagicBand

Lightyear MagicBand

…and the Thor MagicBand! Both are $39.99.

Thor MagicBand

We also saw them restock Orange Bird

Orange Bird

…and bring the Waffle Charm that we’ve already seen around Disney World.

Waffle Charm

And another exciting addition we saw was the Dooney & Bourke Main Street Electrical Parade Collection! The collection has a Tote






…and Wallet, which are all inspired by the parade’s twinkling lights, floats, and Mickey Mouse.


And that’s all the new merchandise at Creations!


This location got these adorable Animal Crossing Friends Dolls for $11.95 each. They’re great for anyone who threw themselves into the world of Animal Crossing during the pandemic…we all had that phase, right?

Animal Crossing Dolls

They also had 2 Nanoblock My Hero Academia Building Blocks for $24.95.

Building Blocks

And that’s all from Mitsukoshi.

Disney Traders

The popular Wanda Ears were in stock at this location! Be sure to snag your own pair before they sell out here, too.

Wanda Ears

And that wraps up all of our updates! For more updates around Disney World, check out what’s new at Animal Kingdom. Or, check out what’s new at Disney Springs.

Disney Springs

And, as always, stay tuned to DFB for the latest Disney updates!

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